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Eli Young Band Talks About Return to Roots with “Fingerprints”

Eli Young Band is well-known for hits like “Drunk Last Night,” “Crazy Girl,” and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” and now fans have new music that stays true to that signature sound. “Fingerprints” is a robust album that shines a light on the band’s strong vocals and tight musicianship.

The last release from the band in 2015 was an experiment that taught them the importance of the sound they started with, that has resonated with fans. Band member James Young shared what they learned from the “Turn It On” EP:

“We learned to go back to our roots. It was a fun experiment. That was the most experimental thing we’ve done. On this record, we said ‘well let’s do a departure back to what we know and do. Let’s get back to where we were starting out.’”

For the new “Fingerprints” album, they started with more than 25 songs and worked with producers Ross Copperman and Jeremy Stover to narrow them down to the final 11 tracks. Young described the process and the surprises that can come along with it.

It’s a tough process, but it’s fun too, to see which songs you didn’t even think were in the running to become a diamond in the rough… Sometimes you don’t know where to go with a song and you’ll do a key change or a tempo change and it’ll transform what it is.

One of the gems on the album is “God Love the Rain,” featuring Carolyn Dawn Johnson on background vocals. Another hidden treasure is “Old Songs,” a tribute to the songs that have shaped our lives.

“We’re lovers of music and that’s our ode to good music.”

They finished the studio recordings a while back, so Young and the rest of the band have been excited for fans to finally hear the new music.

“A release date is kind of like Christmas Day. We’ve lived with these songs for a while now, so it’s great to finally get them out to the world.”

The album’s title “Fingerprints” is one of the songs of the album, but it’s also a nod to all of the people that have left their marks on their career.

“We’ve been together 17 years and all the people that have been an integral part of our lives behind the scenes people. We felt like Fingerprints were a nod to them too”.

You can catch Eli Young Band performing the new music on the road this summer at their headlining shows. Visit more tour dates and more.

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