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“Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” Set to Premiere June 30

Country music entertainer, military veteran and award-winning TV host Craig Morgan is setting the stage for the eighth season of his hit television show, “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors,” premiering June 30 at 7pm on Outdoor Channel.

Morgan’s dynamic personality, lifelong love of the outdoors and considerable television experience make “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts and music fans alike. Adventures in the eighth season include travels to Kodiak Island for a big Sitka Black-tailed deer, a special hunt in Texas where Craig hosts a veteran from each branch of the United States military, a trip to south Florida to chase Oceola Turkey, and more memories made with NFL star Tyler Eifert, his daughter Aly and wife Karen. Craig has also created a very special episode featuring some of his favorite hunting memories with his son, Jerry.

The 13-episode season of his award-winning show will premiere in a primetime slot on Friday, June 30 at 7 pm EST on Outdoor Channel with repeat airings on Friday and Sunday.

“Craig is an important part of our Big-Country Friday line-up; every week viewers get a window into the world of one of the hardest working artists in country music both on the road and in field” said Outdoor Channel Vice President of Programming, Mitch Petrie.

Check local listings or visit to find out how to get the network in your area.

Declared “a mature record that, while not afraid to have a little fun, values poignancy over pop country,” (Rolling Stone Country) Morgan’s newest album A Whole Lot More To Me is available now. He’ll also reprise his inventive Operation FINALLY HOME Welcomes “American Stories Tour” with Craig Morgan and very special guests this fall with tickets available now at

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