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CMA Songwriters Series Returns to CMA Fest

cma songwriters series

Photo Credit: Dusty Draper / CMA

Top songwriters Barry Dean, Brett James, Jon Nite, and 2017 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee Don Schlitz shared the stories behind their hit songs to get festivities in full swing during a special performance at the CMA Theater leading into CMA Music Festival Wednesday.

The CMA Songwriters Series is in its 13th season, kicking off the first show of this year at indigo at The O2 in London during the C2C Festival. Since 2005, the CMA Songwriters Series has presented more than 100 shows in 17 cities including Austin, Belfast, Chicago, Dublin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C. at the renowned Library of Congress and John F. Kennedy Center.

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