Ty Herndon

Ty Herndon Advocates Love and Acceptance for At-Risk Youth

Country singer Ty Herndon is one of the lucky ones. He grew up with a supportive family that loved him for who he is. But not all children have that support system… and Ty wants to change that.

The suicide rates in the last 10 years for 14 and under kids who were told that they were broken, and forced out of their homes and communities, is astounding.

I was lucky, I didn’t have that, I had a very affirming and awesome family growing up. But I thought I couldn’t be in a business and in a community of country music and be gay. That almost caused me to lose my life, more than once. So it’s really important to me that I speak to kids and say “you’re not broken, you’re awesome, you’re wonderful!”

The 2017 Love and Acceptance Concert will be held on June 8 at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN to raise awareness and money for at-risk youth in the Nashville community. One of the non-profits that will benefit from the event is the Just Us program at the Oasis Center, which is specifically designed for LGBTQ youth.

Ty has been overwhelmed by the support of the country music community.

We only had 15 slots and we ended up having to turn people away. I already have about 4 people lined up on the calendar for next year. We are having a few surprise guests as well!

The first Love and Acceptance concert was held in 2015 during the CMA Music Festival and it continues to grow. This year, the venue capacity has increased from 600 to 3,000 seats, so Ty hopes that not only out-of-town CMA Music Fest attendees will come, but Nashville residents as well. And he has even bigger aspirations for the future of the event.

It’s an event I’m hoping to brand and take on the road over the next two or three years and not only do this in Nashville, but do this in other major cities as well.

I hope to live in a world one day where we don’t have to have labels. I’m really not a label kind of guy. I always say the only label I want to be on is a record label.

Ty’s current single is “That Kind of Night,” an uptempo, fun-loving song on his latest album “House on Fire,” which came out last fall. He’ll be sharing the new tunes as he tours across Europe and the U.S. this summer.

For more information and tickets to the Love and Acceptance concert, go to www.tyherndon.com

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