Casey James Signs with Spielberg/Dries Management

LtoR Neal Spielberg, Casey James, and Gene Dries

Casey James has signed with Spielberg/Dries Management for representation as he returns to his roots and a blues album that is generating national attention.

It was important for me to find genuine partners who have a passion for this music and the conviction to support my vision as an artist,” said James. “I’m an avid, dedicated fan of this genre with a deep respect for the traditions and the musicianship that makes it great. Neal [Spielberg] and Gene [Dries] are believers – and that is what I was looking for in a management team.”

In 2010, Neal Spielberg and Gene Dries combined their unique talents and extensive industry experience to create Spielberg/Dries Management. In addition to James, they guide the careers a diverse roster of clients including blues trailblazers Tracy Nelson and Russell Morris.

Both worked for Warner Bros. Records with Spielberg in sales and marketing and Dries in rock radio promotion. After more than 20 years at Warner Bros., each in their respective worlds, they began individually working with artists and labels paving their path to eventually come together to manage several artists in blues and country music.

Dries co-managed 10-time Grammy winner Take 6, and is the creative director for the Las Cruces Country Music Festival. Spielberg worked as a consultant with Merle Haggard, Neal McCoy, Equity Records (Clint Black, Little Big Town, Kevin Fowler), and Gloriana. Spielberg also works with the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Az.

We could not be more excited to be working with an artist like Casey James,” said Spielberg and Dries. “His talent as an entertainer, musician, and songwriter make him a triple threat and look forward to working with him in the coming years.”

James’ musical journey has taken him from Cool, Texas, a dusty town 45 miles west of Fort Worth, to network TV and the “American Idol” finals, to opening shows for Taylor Swift, but it is now with the upcoming release of Strip It Down – a soul-filled blues album with 14 songs written or co-written by James – that James has reconnected with his roots.

What permeates every note is the conviction that comes from following your personal path, not expectations. He delivers with a smoky, vocal quality and a burning, lyrical skill with a guitar and what unfolds is a variety of styles all connected directly to that blues base. James funded it all through a one-month Kickstarter campaign, asking his fans to invest in the next step. They came through in a big way and it served as a reminder that even when his path had taken him down difficult roads, he’d made a strong connection with an audience that understood his creative ambitions.

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