Chris Biano Announces Reality Series “Breaking Country”

“Breaking Country,” a new television worthy web-based reality show that follows aspiring artist Chris Biano on his pursuit to become a country music star,  premiered last night exclusively on YouTube. Biano who moved from Dallas, TX to Music City four years ago to chase his dream, quickly realized how hard it really is to make waves in the country music industry.  “Breaking Country,” a 20-week series produced by a Franklin, TN based marketing firm, follows his journey as he learns to navigate the world of writing appointments, gigs, vocal coach sessions and everything else that goes into a country music career while also juggling a long distance girlfriend of four years and a day job.

When I moved to Nashville I realized there was a never ending pool of talented people who work tirelessly on their craft,” says Biano.  “I wanted the world to see all the sacrifice, hard work, and dedication of someone trying to make it in this industry.  ‘Breaking Country’ is my way of doing that.

The series features some familiar faces including country star Bryan White, who’s had six chart-topping songs, Title Boxing franchise owner/trainer and Season 12 contestant on The Bachelorette James Fuertes and Biano’s good friend and writing partner Brandon Chase from Season 5 of The Voice.

Chris is really using his creative skills to create something unique that an artist in Nashville hasn’t done,” says Bryan White.

Chris has a kind of focused determination that you have to have not only for success in fitness but also the music industry,” praises James Fuertes. “Honestly, that’s what it takes. You create goals and you focus on what’s ahead; one step and one day at a time.

I’m so excited for everyone to see this and to be a part of such a cool thing,” says Brandon Chase. “Fans are going to love seeing the ‘real Nashville’.

View “Breaking Country” episode 1 here.  Tune in every Sunday night at 7:00 pm central here for a new episode.

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