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From Middle School Chorus to Nashville, Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina Team Up for Duet ‘What Ifs’

From chorus buddies to big-time country crooners, Lauren Alaina and Kane Brown‘s friendship has evolved – and led to a new hit single. People is exclusively debuting the duo’s lyric video for their song “What Ifs.”

In the clip, Alaina, 22, and Brown, 23, cruise down tree-lined roads as the song’s catchy lines flash across the screen. The video ends with a teaser – “To be continued…” – as Brown sticks headphones into his years.

The pair first met as teens at their Georgia middle school, where they were in the same chorus class.

He was very, very shy,” Alaina says while discussing the new video.

While Alaina took chorus seriously, Brown admits, “It was just a class for me not to do work.”

In fact, he rarely even joined in on the singing.

We were sitting in class one day and I heard him humming, and I was like, ‘Can you sing?’ ” Alaina recalls. “And you said, ‘No, I don’t sing in front of people.’ And I was like, ‘Well, you’re going to today.’

He was even better than I thought he would be. When he started singing, I was like ‘Stop singing! I want to be the best singer in class,’ ” Alaina jokes.

The singer went on to be the runner-up on season 10 of American Idol, and just released a new album earlier this year, Road Less Traveled. Brown released his first EP in 2015, and his self-titled full-length album hit shelves last December.

Says Alaina of their success, “It’s really crazy to think that we went to middle school together and we’re both in Nashville now and get to live our dreams.

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