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Lee Brice & Justin Moore Bring Triumphant ‘American Made Tour’ to Close


Lee Brice, Justin Moore

Photo by Heather Fischer

Lee Brice and Justin Moore closed out their co-headline ‘American Made Tour’ Friday, April 28th, wrapping up a four-month trek alongside buzz-worthy opening acts William Michael Morgan and Brett Young.

Kicking off January 13th in LaCrosse, WI, the ‘American Made Tour’ cut a wide path across the Midwest and South, drawing capacity crowds in multiple cities including Chicago, Columbia and Atlanta. The acclaimed shows were packed with more than three hours of the superstars’ number one hits including Moore’s “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” “Lettin’ the Night Roll,” and “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” and Brice’s “A Woman Like You,” “Hard To Love,” “I Drive Your Truck,” and “I Don’t Dance.”

Positive reviews poured in with critics and fans praising the artists’ sets:

“The Lee Brice, Justin Moore ‘American Made Tour’ was one of the better shows we have seen this year,” says Allan Vella, president and CEO of Atlanta’s Fox Theater.

“It was high energy and bursting at the seams with talented musicians. I have been telling my friends and colleagues, ‘You have to get this show into your market and your building.’”

“This is my third time seeing Justin, and man, does he kill it every time,” said WKDQ radio DJ Travis Sams. “For those people who say that country music isn’t ‘country’ anymore, they must not have seen a Justin Moore show! Great crowd interaction. You can see how humbled he is by the success he has attained when the crowd sings every word to his songs.”

Continuing his rave about Brice’s signature “evocative” vocals (New York Times), Sams adds, “You can hear the conviction in his voice with every song he sings. Lee is hands down one of the best songwriters in the business, but not only that, he’s clearly a family man.”

Brice’s family even surprised him onstage during the Evansville, IN tour stop, making an unannounced appearance to celebrate Brice’s wedding anniversary. Brice was halfway through a solo performance of his yet-to-be-released single, “Boy,” when his two sons ran onstage, announcing that their mother was waiting in the wings. It was an emotional, electrifying moment, one of many highlights delivered throughout a tour featuring one of “country music’s heavy hitters,” (Rolling Stone Country).

This is a continuing theme of family on the road as Moore and wife Kate announced earlier this year that they are expecting their fourth child. The gender will be a surprise for the couple who already have three daughters. “To have the opportunity to become parents again, is such a blessing and one we are so thankful to God for. We pray for a healthy baby boy or girl.”

Opening act William Michael Morgan rounded out the bill for two months with the ACM-nominated Brett Young joining in March. Together, the songwriters spent two final months “representing the best in country music,” (Mel Raines, SVP of Pacers Sports & Entertainment), bringing the ‘American Made Tour’ to a powerful close.

For additional tour dates and information, visit LeeBrice.com and JustinMooreMusic.com.

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