Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr Releases New Single

Tyler Farr

Courtesy of Columbia Nashville

Tyler Farr delivers his heart wrenching new single “I Should Go To Church Sometime” to Country radio and all DSP’s today.

The new single, “I Should Go To Church Sometime,” was written by Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner is the next step in a path filled with hit songs from Farr including three No. 1 singles; “A Guy Walks into a Bar,” “Redneck Crazy,” and “Whiskey in my Water.”

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“I’m not exactly known for walking the ‘straight and narrow,’ but I have a strong conscience and I was taught right from wrong,” says Farr.

“It’s something that we all face at some point. What am I going to do? How am I going to act? What am I going to do today that’s different from yesterday? That decision is what this song is all about.”

Known for his dynamic, full-throttle live shows, Farr will hit the road this summer joining Brantley Gilbert on his The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour alongside Farr’s label mate, Luke Combs. In addition to dates on The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour, Farr will appear at festivals across the country as well as headlining his own tour stops.

As Previously announced, Farr will star in his own upcoming series, A Little Too Farr (Unscripted), to air on Rated Red and GO90 this coming summer. In A Little Too Farr (Unscripted) Farr pulls back the curtain giving fans an all-access glimpse at his life on and off the road and true to nature he is going to take things “A Little Too Farr” in every episode.

“I Should Go To Church Sometime” lyrics below:

Saw a man on the sidewalk
“Hungry” written in red chalk
Maybe he just wanted to talk
But I walked away
Saw a kid on the TV
He was only seventeen
Wrapped his truck ‘round an oak tree
The whole town prayed
I should go to church sometime

Easter and Christmas
Yeah, I don’t ever miss it
I ask for forgiveness
They tell me what I like to hear
But I need a revival
For this prodigal disciple
Wipe the dust off my Bible
More than once or twice a year

I should go to church sometime
Walk a little straighter line
Lord knows I could use some light
To get where I’m going
I shouldn’t say “next Sunday”
I shouldn’t let my pride get in the way
I know I shouldn’t be afraid
Of what I know I’ll find
I should go to church sometime
I should go to church sometime

No, it ain’t until you’re sinking
Till you really start listening
You get down on your knees, down on your knees
You swear it’s the last time that you’ll say

Repeat Chorus

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