Matt Gary Releases Lyric Video For “Back”

Rising Country artist Matt Gary has released a new lyric video for his single “Back” The song is off to a very fast start @ Country Radio, with 60 stations already playing the song.

The song is about a man’s desire to win back an old flame whose passion he still yearns for.  The video features background scenes of a metropolitan hotel room with sweeping views of a city, interspersed with haunting images of a beautiful woman who seems just out of reach.

Nick Palladino of 33 Creates produced and directed the Lyric video. Matt shares:

I’m super pumped that this song is the lead single for the EP coming this summer. I had just finished a writing session when a writer buddy of mine Aaron Scherz said, “Hey man – I got a song I want you to take a listen to”.  It was a “first listen” for me, so I put the song on hold right away.  “Back” is a song about letting that girl who is “the one” get away and the memories of the past that haunt you.  I think a lot of people can relate to being in a relationship where they think “Dang.. I screwed that up”.  In the studio, this song just came to life from the first down beat. We set it in a cool groove that makes the listener move and take notice.   I can’t wait for people to hear this song – turn it up loud!

Gary fuses contemporary Nashville sounds with pop melodies and rock & roll energy. His style is relatable to fellow country stars Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney, but also marks influences from groups such as Maroon 5 and John Mayer. In 2009, Gary released his first single, “The Days You Live For,” followed by the EP I’m Just Sayin’. As Gary learned more about the music business and developed as an artist, he formed his own record label, 17 Music Entertainment, to have greater control over his career. In 2012, he and 17 Music released the single “City Lights,” and followed up with “Summertime” in 2014. In 2015, Gary released another single, the pop-rock accented “It’s on You.”

“Back” is the first single from an EP that will be released in the summer, followed by a full-length album in the fall. Tour dates are currently being booked and will be announced soon.


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