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Darryl Worley Brings New Swampy Vibe to Greatest Hits Collection

Darryl Worley

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It’s been 15 years since Darryl Worley hit the top of the charts with the song “I Miss My Friend” and now he’s working on a Greatest Hits album that will have 15 tracks, including new tunes. Recorded in historic Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Worley brought in his road band to record his previous hits and the new tracks.

“It has flares and tastes and elements of the old and the new. When I came up here I wanted to kinda bring a little bit of that swampy funky vibe from the Shoals and cut those kind of tracks and then put my super country voice on there because you can’t disguise it as anything else. I’m kinda getting to do what I wanted to do to start with.”

One of those tracks is a cover of the Joe South song “Games People Play.” The project is tentatively scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2017.

Worley also celebrated another anniversary recently, the 15th annual Tennessee River Run benefit concert. Originally created as a live tv show in Memphis, more than 3500 people showed up to be part of the first event. Since then, the Darryl Worley Foundation has been able to open a cancer treatment center, given grants to people in need, and is about to open a sober living environment for people struggling with addiction.

“The Darryl Worley Foundation is a pretty quiet humble little group of people but we do some earth-shattering work.”

The non-profit has given more than $2 million in grants to people in need.

For more information about the foundation, upcoming tour dates, and more, visit

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