Chuck Wicks

Chuck Wicks Lucky to Be Alive and Walking After Accident

Last week, Chuck Wicks and the gang from Nashville’s 103.3 were in a terrible rollover accident on the way to Mardi Gras. Chuck was the lone member who remained hospitalized due to his injuries. Yesterday, he took to social media to post an update.

First… Thank you to all of you who have reached out with your concerns messages text/calls prayers.. you name it.. Thank you!! It’s been a scary couple days to say the least. We Ty, Kelly & Chuck and our producer Glenn were traveling to Mardi Gras to be Grand Marshall in one of the parades. While driving through a bad rain storm our car struck a puddle and hydroplaned, causing it to roll twice into a ditch full of water. Talk about Slow Motion.. it was if the world literally stopped.

When the vehicle did finally stop I immediately heard Ty say is everyone ok… is everyone ok. Then for some random reason I just starting checking my teeth and body and checking where everyone was. At this moment it was safe to say I was in shock. I won’t speak for Ty Kelly or Glenn.. but I’m pretty sure they were too.. we all crawl out of the vehicle which is completely totaled at this point. No other vehicles were involved. I remember seeing so many cars just ride by wondering why they weren’t stopping. Eventually one did.. the one turned into 2..3….4.. and so on. Police, Firetrucks, and Ambulances arrive.

Throughout the entire process I remember my neck just getting stiffer and stiffer and between the shock of everything and being soaken wet from rolling through the water filled ditch I couldn’t stop shaking. I told the paramedic I had neck and head pain and they immediately put me on the backboard/Stretcher. As my head got stiffer through the ride and I knew everyone else was ok I started to panic a bit.. and honestly I was scared.

They stretcher me into the emergency room cut off my wet clothes and just start sticking me with IV’s. I found cuts on me I didn’t even knew I had because the adrenaline wouldn’t let me feel them. They set me up for immediate CAT Scan and MRI.
When the Doctor looked at my results and said I was lucky to be walking and talking then I knew something wasn’t right. So here’s the Deal…

I fractured my Skull and I also have a cervical vertebrae fracture in my C2 region.
What does this mean? It means I’m lucky I’m alive and not paralyzed.

Good news. I’m not. I will however be wearing a Neck Brace for about three months with a lot of discomfort for awhile.
I’m hoping I get released today but it has been nice being jacked up on Morphine. Cause when I’m not. It’s pretty painful. I also have watch a lot of cartoons from my hospital room.

Listen… bottom line. It’s gonna take some time to recover. This isn’t a I’ll feel better in a week type of deal. But I’m extremely lucky. And I’m so glad that Ty Kelly and Glenn are ok. So be safe out there. Don’t take anything for granted.

Again.. thank you to everyone who has called me. Texted me. or reached out via Social media.
And if you haven’t you’re on my shit list.

We ask for your continued prayers for Chuck and the gang. It’s obvious he’s got someone lookin’ out for him.

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