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Trace Adkins Previews New Music From ‘Something’s Going On’

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With the new Nashville skyline serving as a backdrop and fitting metaphor, Trace Adkins previewed new music for gathered members of the media and industry Thursday night at the Steps at WME as he prepares to release his latest album, Something’s Going On.

The newly-signed WME entertainer and actor talked about his first new album since 2013, due March 31 from new label BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records, as well as his upcoming multi-city tour, 12th USO Tour appearance this summer and the number of milestones he’s had in his dynamic career. He’s also set to co-host NBC’s TODAY on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

The Louisiana native debuted new song “Watered Down,” a powerful ballad about the changes life brings that will serve as Adkins’ lead single during a 45-minute appearance at the downtown Nashville offices of WME, hosted by CMT’s Cody Alan.

The song, available now and written by Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen and Shane McAnally, is about slowing down at mid-life in an attempt to survive the excesses of youth and is very personal for Adkins. “We still love our whiskey,” Adkins sang, “but now it’s just a little watered down.”

“When I heard this song, I was like, ‘Well, that’s my current state in a nutshell,” Adkins told the crowd. “That’s where I’m at. A man that’s lived his life like I have, at some point you face the reality that you have to temper your vices. You have to calm down. I’m still crazy – you’ve just got to temper it a little bit.”

The one area of his life the tall baritone with the ponytail and signature black cowboy hat isn’t slowing down is his career as he celebrates his 25th year in Nashville. Adkins told the crowd of his first trip to Nashville – an appearance on the Wild Turkey Battle of the Country Bands, around 1985.

“We absolutely choked and we went back to Texas, and I don’t think I came back to Nashville until 1992,” Adkins said.

Twenty-five years and 11 million albums later Adkins is embarking on the latest chapter of his career with the Mickey Jack Cones-produced Something’s Going On, this year’s tour and his USO Tour of Spain and Italy.

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