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His dramatic southern sound will draw you in, his voice will have you hanging on every lyric and his songs will stick with you like a good friend does. Boo Ray is a southern troubadour who has forged & honed his sound in South Georgia honky-tonks, Gulf Coast jukes, Nashville nightclubs & Los Angeles songwriter joints. Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina and now spending equal parts time in Nashville, Tennessee; Los Angeles, California; and Athens, Georgia.

Get to know CMTT’s New & Noteworthy Artist Boo Ray:

Current Single / Project: Well, “Redneck Rock & Roll” the 2nd single off of the “Sea Of Lights” album hits radio any day now and there’s a couple videos coming out too. We’ll be cranking up in February hittin’ the road and playing some residency shows. We’ll be at Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville and making runs down to Birmingham, Muscle Shoals, Asheville NC, Chattanooga & Atlanta…  Also, we just recorded another new “live to tape” album that we’re real excited about. So yeah, we’re glad to be on a little bit of a roll.

Musical Influences:   Talking about musical influences is always fun. I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina and my Dad was an old school California cowboy. So, Hagg, Cash, Waylon, Willie & Hank were my sound track of being a kid. My cousin Buck had a great record collection and he’d let me get into it as I got to be a teenager. I got into singers like Dwight Yoakam and Don Williams and rock music like Thinn Lizzy, JJ Cale & ZZ Top… The time I’ve spent in Georgia has been influential. I think that Macon sound’s kinda part of my DNA. It’s hard to estimate how big of an influence Jerry Reed’d been on me. Years before I realized or knew that he was the baddest guitar man to ever come through Nashville, Jerry Reed was a larger than life Hollywood movie star trucker hero to me. Hell, I dressed like him & talked like him. All I knew was that he was “The Snow Man” and sang “East Bound & Down”. I had no idea that he was a guitar picker of the highest degree, just that he was a great entertainer. When people tell me my music reminds them of Jerry Reed, I take it as the greatest compliment and it just tickles the hell out of me.

Personal Influences:  Regarding personal influences; since i was a kid I  wanted to be a trucker & a cowboy. I rope & ride & have hauled a good few miles of payload. So my Dad was a big influence. All the women in my family are from Louisiana and are real strong personalities who taught me how to be caring, and how to be mean. I reckon the mountains of Western North Carolina have been a big influence too. It’s different up there, unique unto it’s self and not simply southern culture. When I got old enough to go out on my own and get off the mountain I went down to Georgia to live and wandered around the Gulf Coast too. I think that stuff has stuck with me.

Why You Should Be Listening:  Why should you listen to the music I’m makin’? Well, for starters the cats I make music are smokin’ hot pickers & I think they’re worth listening to in their own right. So aside from me keeping good company, and as far as any of the rest of that goes, I sing & holler about the real shit that’s eatin’ my lunch and the parts of life that I think are really worth celebrating. I reckon if you’re into cool guitar pickin’ & vagabond songwriters then we might be just about what you’re looking for…

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