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CMTT’s Top Country Albums of 2016

2016 was a big year for music… good and bad. Luckily, we had a hard time narrowing down the good because the choices were so abundant. Here is CMTT’s picks for best albums of 2016.

Why did we pick these? Various reasons. Nostalgia, unique sound, big debut…

Dolly Parton, Garth, Vince and Loretta all made the list for taking us back to country music’s roots, while still remaining relevant. Nothing fancy or flashy. Just good ole music, staying true to the individual sounds that made them famous won our hearts.

Kenny Chesney, Keith and Dierks made the cut by going back to the sound that we love after a slight departure. They each are unique in their own right and it’s great to hear them go back to the unique sounds that make them who they are without trying to fit into the current trendy niche country radio likes to make popular.

Maren and Brothers Osborne both made statements with their debut albums, defining their sound, which are definitely unique in their own rights.

Miranda Lambert earns the top spot for doing what Miranda does best… writing songs from the gut. Pouring her heart out with very little care as to the outcome or what people will think. She says it like it is.

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