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CMTT’s Picks for Worst Country Music Singles of 2016

2016 was a year of great music… and a year of not-so-great music. Here is CMTT’s list of the music we wish we could erase from our minds and radio station playlists.

  • #5. Jake Owen “American Country Love Song”- Honestly, I love the chorus, it’s the weird talk-wrap stuff that drags it down. It had such potential.
  • #4. The Band Perry “Comeback Kid”- No… no, this is not a comeback. This sounds like a mushy, over the top, tune for a Disney tween show. Come on gang, y’all are way better than that, we want deep and emotional.
  • #3. Thomas Rhett “Vacation” – I just can’t even sit through it. It’s hard to believe this song came from the same mouth as “Die a Happy Man.” The mono-toned auto-tuned beat is more than I can handle.
  • #2. Blake Shelton “She’s Got a Way with Words”….again with the spelling… and now I have to make up crap as to what F-U stands for.
  • #1. Luke Bryan– “MOVE”. Come…On… really? Why do we feel the need to spell out words like parents trying to curse in front of their kids. Especially after his single “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’,” “Move” felt like a giant step backwards for Luke. We were all breathing a sigh of relief that maybe he was finally going back to his country-man status and away from the bro-ho. Unfortunately, we were wrong. Fingers crossed 2017 brings us more of the old Luke.

Anyhow, we are well aware that some of y’all love these songs…that’s why they were played over and over and over again…. making us plug our phones in for music while they ran their course. I’m just hoping 2017 brings nothing but the best.

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One Comment

  1. Gloria Smith says:

    Noise by Kenny Chesney was pretty bad to me.

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