Kip Moore

Kip Moore Taking a Break from Music

Kip Moore

Photo Credit: Country Music Tattle Tale

Kip Moore is pulling a Kenny Chesney and taking a break from music. Kip told Rare Country at a recent tour stop that he was just ready for a much needed rest.

“I don’t know what the word is, because I’m not just worn out… I’m something more than that,” Kip explains. “We have toured 175 or more shows for six years straight, which is kind of unheard of. We are all tired. I don’t think people see that side very often because they just see us onstage, but the grind of sleeping on a bus every night for 225 days or more takes a mental and physical tear on you. All I have done is music every day of my life, so this is going to be my first real break from it in probably 12 years.”

“I haven’t had any time for the people who deserve my time,” said Kip. “Its’ been a very selfish life for so many years now. I got to find a way to make a change with that. I love what I do, but I have to find some sort of balance that I have yet to find.”

So where will he go? Well, it won’t be in the woods or to the mountains.

“I’m going straight to Maui,” said Kip. “I’m going to camp out the first 10 or so days in a little house I’m going to stay in and then do some surfing and backpacking before heading off to Costa Rica. I might not come back.”


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