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Dolly Parton’s ‘Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love’ Out on DVD Tomorrow!

christmas of many colors

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Dolly Parton‘s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love DVD will hit stores and retailers tomorrow just in time to be put under the Christmas tree. The film is based on Dolly’s actual childhood, growing up in rural East Tennessee.

The film was truly a labor of love for Dolly, who had a hand in picking the actors who played various roles in the film, including her mother Avie Lee, played by Jennifer Nettles and father Robert Lee, played by Ricky Schroeder.  She insists the actors do such a good job, she almost forgot they weren’t really her parents when the film was being made.

“Whatever I am, or I’ve become is because of these people and my faith in God,” Dolly said, getting teared up.  “Sometimes when you get into these things that really happened…. It’s such a bittersweet thing, they’ve been brought back to life.  But at the end of the day, my parents are gone again,” Dolly explains.  “I can have my past and my childhood, and I’m just glad this is touching so many other people.”

“I want people to feel better about themselves.  I want them to feel closer as a family,” Dolly explains about what she hopes viewers will get out of the film. ” I want them to feel closer to God.  I want them to get into the Christmas spirit.”

The faith-based film follows a trying time in Dolly’s childhood, demonstrating the spirit of Christmas which is Jesus’ love, the love of a family and the spirit of giving.  For Dolly, this movie was a way to share her story, but to also bring families together in a time that families don’t come together as often, which is what Christmas is about.

If you haven’t seen the film, it will re-air on NBC on December 23rd, or do one better and order your own copy.  You will not be sorry.  You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.  You’ll go to church.  And you’ll hug your mama and daddy.

The DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the film, many scenes that didn’t make the film and other goodies that I’m sure will entertain.

You can purchase Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love on Amazon here.

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