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Drew Baldridge Donates Bose System to MNPS Music Makes Us Program

drew baldridge

Photo Courtesy of Cold River Records.

The Music Makes Us® program of Metro Nashville Public Schools will soon benefit from the generosity of the Cold River Records recording artist Drew Baldridge. In addition to the generous sharing of his time, he has donated a Bose L1® Model 1S system with B2 bass and ToneMatch® audio engine- 180-degree horizontal sound coverage with easy transport, setup and breakdown. He also donated a custom Pelican travel case.

Baldridge shared his passion for music education and what motivated him to make this donation, saying, “We live in ‘Music City’ so no one should be surprised that I am a super advocate of music education. I know how much my own life has benefited and, every day, people tell me that music healed their souls, or touched their hearts, or steered them down the right path, and I believe it is that powerful. I believe it can steer young people in the right direction to succeed in life. We know from the statistics that when music is added to a their curriculum, the benefits are impressive and they are much more likely to graduate. I am honored to be able to support such an amazing program as Music Makes Us.”

“The donation of this high quality sound system couldn’t come at a better time,” says Laurie T. Schell, Director, Music Makes Us®, Metro Nashville Public Schools. “Our student ensembles are much in demand; with the Bose system, we know they will sound fantastic. We are grateful to Cold River Records and to Drew for taking the time to visit the band students at Litton and for inspiring the students to keep making music.”

In celebration of this donation, Baldridge visited the 7th & 8th grade band at Litton Middle School to perform and spend time with the children. The band reciprocated by preparing a song to play for the country newcomer.

For more information on Drew Baldridge visit, www.drewbaldridgemusic.com.

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