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NEW & NOTEWORTHY: Brieanna James

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CMTT is excited to announce our New & Noteworthy feature is BACK and better than ever! We are even more excited to announce Brieanna James will be kicking it off for us!

Brieanna was born in Nashville, grew up in Mississippi, where she loved writing stories. Eventually, she started putting words to melodies and fell in love with songwriting.    She has been busy traveling back and forth to Nashville for songwriting sessions and wrote her first single, “Hot,” with none other than country music’s own Kelsea Ballerini and Mike Krompass.

Brieanna describes “Hot” as, “the jam you turn on when you can’t get over your infatuation with that one guy that is just so dang annoyingly HOT!

Keep an eye out for Brieanna in 2017!  She is set release her first EP in January!

Get to know CMTT’s New & Noteworthy artist Brieanna James:

  • Current Single / Project: “Hot
  • Musical Influences Include: Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Sam Hunt and Shania Twain
  • Personal Influences:  Well, that would be my mom. My mom and I have always had that unbreakable and natural bond. I truly do consider her my best friend.
  • Why You Should Be Listening: Well first of all… Mike Krompass and KELSEA BALLERINI are the co-writers along with me so how do you not at least take a listen?! Also because it is sure to become your new favorite song! “Hot” has killer production and is definitely the kind of song you jam in the car too.  And I gotta say, it’s pretty relatable. 🙂
  • Get Social with Brieanna:
    • Facebook: @BrieannaJamesofficial
    • Twitter: @BrieannaJames
    • Instagram: BrieannaJames


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