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Kelsea Ballerini Partners with Joey Alexander for “My Favorite Things” – LISTEN

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Photo Credit: Robert Chavers, Courtesy of Black River Entertainment

Kelsea Ballerini teams with critically acclaimed, two-time Grammy nominated pianist Joey Alexander to release their collaboration on “My Favorite Things” to all digital retailers November 25th. The classic tune from Sound of Music was the title track of Alexander’s debut instrumental album in 2015, which hit #1 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart. With the addition of Ballerini’s charming contemporary vocals, the two create a new Christmas standard for every generation to love for years to come.

“I got a good dose of that warm southern hospitality from the folks from Black River Records and the Nashville country music community, and performing with Kelsea Ballerini was amazing,” said Alexander. “I’m really proud of the work we’ve done and excited to share our new holiday single with the world.”

“Putting out ‘Favorite Things’ with Joey has been one of my proudest and most exciting projects and moments so far,” beams Ballerini. “He is so incredibly talented and, more so, so humble. Being in the studio and listening to him play so effortlessly over and over really challenged me to be my best. I’m so excited for people to hear this!”

Their performance of the beloved song was a standout from 2016’s CMA Country Christmas special, with Ballerini’s bright voice taking on a smoky hue over the sophisticated stylings of Alexander’s keyboard work. The newly-recorded studio version will be serviced to country radio for the holiday season, and fans should tune in to watch these young talents make musical magic on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry when CMA Country Christmas airs November 28th and Christmas Eve on ABC.

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