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Newcomer Adam Sanders Takes Cinematic Approach to Songs


Adam Sanders is one of the newest hit songwriters to launch a career as an artist. And although you may not know his name yet, you’ve likely heard some of his songs, like “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” by Cole Swindell and “Hell of a Night” by Dustin Lynch.

Growing up in rural north Florida, Adam had a traditional small-town childhood.

“I grew up going to church, family was a big thing, we’d go to the lakes and rivers a lot. Music was such a huge part of my life early on. That’s all I really ever wanted to do.”

And that love of country music at an early age made for some interesting Sundays at church.

 “Alan Jackson was my hero growing up. The preacher asked me what I wanted to sing and I said ‘Don’t Rock the Jukebox’ and the whole congregation lost it. But I thought it was appropriate to sing that, cause that was my favorite song at the time. It was definitely a fond memory, for sure.”

As he got older, he started appreciating artists for their song choices.

“Garth Brooks wouldn’t be Garth Brooks without ‘The Dance,’ but he also wouldn’t be Garth Brooks without ‘Friends in Low Places,’ so I think to have longevity in this business you’ve gotta be able to be a guy that can do it all. I think some of my biggest influences have been able to do that.”

Adam moved to Nashville in 2009 and quickly established himself as a songwriter, scoring two number one hits and other cuts by multiple artists. Now he’s ready for folks to hear him singing his own songs.

“I want my music to speak to the masses. I don’t necessarily want to reinvent the wheel. I want to sing music that touches people… Three words to describe my music are: electric, emotional, and cinematic. We try to make things as real as possible. I think it’s sort of a rollercoaster and have a little something for everyone.”

He recently released a music video for his song “About To” on CMT, which takes advantage of the film medium to express the song in a new way. (Spoiler alert: it’s inspired by a horror film.)

“I didn’t wanna shoot a video that told the story that the lyric actually tells in the song. I wanted to try and have another story that added depth to the lyric.”

Right now, you can catch Adam on tour with fun-loving Cam, sharing his stories and music.

“Cam is easier to get along with than some guys I’ve opened for,” Adam laughed. “They treat people so well.”

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