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Sam Hunt Rocks the Carnival Live Stage With a Crazy Fun and High Energy Performance

Photo Credit: Country Music Tattle Tale

CMTT set sail with #CarnivalLive last week for the Sam Hunt concert that took place in their Spectacular Theater on board Carnival Splendor. As we have told you in the past (here and here), there is nothing better than seeing your favorite artists in an up close and intimate setting like a cruise ship can give you! There is not a bad seat in the house and Sam gave fans one of the best and definitely most fun stage performances I have seen from him yet.

Sam was obviously in vacation mode right along with his fans. He was very laid back shining his bright smile at us constantly as he brought high energy from the moment he stepped on stage. Sam entertained fans with all of their favorites like “Leave the Light On,” “Take Your Time” and “Break up in a Small Town.” But a great surprise happened when he and his band treated us to a great medley of songs by other country artists that included Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried,” Maren Morris’ “My Church” Thomas Rhett’s “T-shirt” and Old Dominions’ “Snapback.”

Before the show Sam sat down with media for a quick Q&A session. The question at the top of everyone’s list was, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET NEW MUSIC????? Sam was happy to answer admitting “I do feel pressure internally and externally to put out music.” But he also admitted that was exciting to him!

“I love song writing and this brings me back to why I got into music in the first place so I am excited about that.”

Although we did not get an exact date for a new album Sam did say he is currently working on new music adding,

“I’m trying to figure out how to be efficient as a songwriter with the new obligations and a new lifestyle that prevents me from being as free to write. I am sort of figuring that all out but it’s coming along. I don’t want to rush it.”

Sam also told us that he would love to write all of the songs on the upcoming album.

“I plan on writing everything. My hope is that the next record, I wanna be even more vulnerable and more honest than I was on the first record. That is going to obviously require me to write the songs if I am going to tap into my own life and really if I want that record to reflect real experiences in my life. That is something that I want to do.”

I really admired how personal Sam talked about the music he writes. You can tell when he speaks he wants it to mean something and he made that clear when he talked about the pressure to put out a new music,

“There is some pressure from the label, I feel like maybe I’m putting it on myself. But that is part of their job, they have a business that they run and it’s based off of putting music out and making money so I get that. But I won’t ever let that influence the way I go about creating the music.”

Sam Hunt fans everywhere can get excited because Sam also hinted that we may get new music before the album is ready for release.

“I’m just going to up to put music out when I feel like it ready. I’ve got a few songs that I’m excited about that I’m going to put out even if that is a long time before the next record comes out.”

My favorite part of the Q&A session with Sam was when he happily answered two very important questions from my kids. My daughter wanted to know what is favorite color is. Instead of just answering with a quick answer he explained why he liked his favorite color,

“My favorite color is red. I am from GA, we’ve got the Bulldogs so I think it probably comes from that but also my high school mascot were the Bulldogs so we were red and black as well. And it’s a good strong color. I’m a big fan of red.”

And when my son wanted to know what is favorite food is he answered with a giggle,

“My favorite food, if I had to pick just one food item to have all the time I think it would be peanut butter. I don’t know why. It’s just my go to and the one thing that will satisfy my hunger no matter what. I am never not in the mood for peanut butter.”

Photo Credit: Country Music Tattle Tale

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Carnival Cruise Line has already announced its initial 2017 Carnival LIVE lineup featuring country music stars Tim McGraw and Little Big Town along with comedians Jay Leno and Jeff Foxworthy who will perform on seven different ships departing from five convenient U.S. homeports.

Carnival LIVE is a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that brings the best in live music and comedy to the seas, providing guests an opportunity to enjoy captivating performances by top artists in a unique and memorable setting where there’s never a bad seat in the house. Performances are held in the ships’ main show lounges which range in capacity from 900 to 1,300 – giving shows a more intimate and personal feel.

Carnival LIVE tickets for Tim McGraw, Little Big Town, Jeff Foxworthy and Jay Leno range in price from $30 to $80 for general admission, significantly less than land-based venues. VIP tickets are available for $100 to $300 and include seating in the first five rows, a photo opportunity with the artist and a commemorative concert pass.

A full listing of all Carnival LIVE performances is available at For additional information and reservations, contact any travel agent, call 1-800-CARNIVAL or visit

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