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Clay Walker Talks About New Music and the Urgency of Raising Awareness for MS

It’s been 20 years since Clay Walker was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), but he still fights to bring awareness to the often debilitating disease. He hosted his 7th annual Chords of Hope benefit concert during this year’s CMA Music Festival and brought along special guests Craig Campbell and Joe Nichols.

They both reached out to us, which I think says a lot about their character. I can’t say enough good things about them and I hope to get the chance to return the favor very soon for them.”

The show raises money for the Vanderbilt MS Center, as well as Walker’s own Band Against MS charity, which has raised more than $3.5 million since its start in 2003.

Fans may not know much about multiple sclerosis when coming to his shows, so Walker uses the event to educate and entertain. Although he is currently in great health, he knows that many others facing the disease often face more severe symptoms.

There’s an urgency and importance to raise awareness about what it is, so we can find new and better ways to live with it and eventually cure it.”

So what about new music? Last summer, Walker released a single called “Right Now” and fans have been anxiously waiting for more.

We’re shopping record labels right now and trying to decide the best way to get the music to the fans, the fastest and most efficient way. That’s kind of tedious. We live in a world today that there’s multiple channels to get music into the public and we just want to find the right ones. And obviously, the fans can come out to the live shows and hear the new music.

To find out when he’ll be in your area, go to

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