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Dan + Shay are Mutually “Obsessed” With Fans


Sometimes you use a word or phrase so much that it becomes a cliché, but sometimes it becomes a song. And an album title. That’s exactly what happened when Dan + Shay noticed that their fans were tweeting the word “obsessed” about their music and live shows.

As perpetual songwriters, the duo introduced the concept during a songwriter’s retreat and wrote “Obsessed,” which eventually became the title track of the album coming out on June 3.

This album was so inspired by our fans. The song ‘Road Trippin’ was the same thing. We saw fans tweeting #roadtrippin and we wrote that down in our cell phones. We wrote that song because of what fans were saying about road tripping to the Dan + Shay show or driving 10 hours to come see us play,” says Dan Smyers.

So what can fans expect to hear on the duo’s sophomore album?

It’s all about the lead vocal and Shay is the best singer I’ve ever heard. As a producer, my vision is to stay out of the way of the lead vocal. Everything there needs to be intentional. It’s not as busy on this record,” says Dan, who co-produced the album.

“As songwriters we like to listen to different things that will inspire. I feel like it’s important to listen to other melodies that are in pop, R&B, and old gospel stuff. It’s kinda cool to pull from different melodies,” says Shay Mooney.

Dan added, “We owe it to our fans to progress our songwriting with every single song we write. We don’t want to alienate the sound that got us to where we are. We want to stay in Dan + Shay lane.

One of the most unique elements of the album is the addition of a horn section on the song “Obsessed.” Reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Shay used the opportunity to be creative vocally as well. “I pretty much just made up words at the end. To be able to play around with something and create something special was a lot of fun.”

Dan + Shay’s current single at radio is “From The Ground Up,” which was a “majestic moment” in the studio, according to Dan. “It was like a Disney movie or something.”

Obsessed Track list:

  1. All Nighter
  2. Road Trippin’
  3. From the Ground Up
  4. Already Ready
  5. How Not To
  6. Lipstick
  7. Round the Clock
  8. Lately
  9. Sway
  10. Obsessed

The duo will be hitting the road with Darius Rucker this summer and they expect fans to be ready to hear the new music live. “We’re going to be counting on everybody to sing it back to us,” says Dan.

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