Martina McBride

Martina McBride Performs Intimate Concert Live on HSN

In the first event of its kind, Martina McBride performed live on the cable television channel HSN last night to promote her new CD Reckless. HSN viewers were treated to a live performance, an opportunity to have their questions answered on-air by McBride, and a special purchase offer that included a bonus CD with 5 additional songs.

Lucky fans who attended the intimate event in person were able to get up-close-and-personal with the country music icon, taking selfies and chatting with her between songs.

This event was the first in a new partnership between Big Machine Label Group and HSN. Both Scott Borchetta (CEO, Big Machine) and Mindy Grossman (CEO, HSN) were on hand to chat about how the Big Machine Rocks series came about and what’s in store for the future.

Borchetta and Grossman met while both serving on the Barclays Center advisory board and Grossman invited Borchetta to visit the HSN headquarters in Florida to discuss how they could potentially work together. The concept for the Big Machine Rocks series was created in February and both teams were able to bring it to fruition within 2 months.

“My goal is for HSN to be one of our biggest physical partners for years to come,” said Big Machine’s Borchetta, commenting on the dwindling shelf space for music. “They know our consumer better than we do. They know where they are.

HSN is focused on “storytelling that creates meaning and meaning in people’s lives,” said Grossman. She also shared that HSN sees an opportunity beyond music, to create lifestyle products. “The whole culture of this lifestyle is so powerful and can conjure up a lot of product creation. We see it going beyond even music and into the entire lifestyle.”

The second installment of the HSN / Big Machine Rocks series will feature Jennifer Nettles on Tuesday, April 26.

We’ve posted some behind the scenes photos of the Martina McBride event on our Instagram (@cmttonline), so be sure to check them out and give us a follow for even more exclusive pics of your favorite country stars!

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