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Rascal Flatts Brings “Rhythm and Roots” to Second Vegas Residency

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Want to catch Rascal Flatts in a brand new way? Head out to Las Vegas February 17 – March 5 for their “Rhythm and Roots” shows at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This will be the second year in a row that they’ve held a residency at the Vegas venue, but the guys promise that you’ve never seen them like this before.

“No one’s ever seen Rascal Flatts the way they’ll see us if they come to Vegas,” says Gary LeVox.

“We’re doing all Brad Paisley songs,” jokes Jay Demarcus.

“Cause he’s so much older than us, that’s where the ‘roots’ parts come in,” says Levox.

All kidding aside, after touring for more than 15 years, coming up with a new show can be challenging.

“We found out through many years of experimenting with our set list that people are very angry when they don’t hear their favorite Rascal Flatts tunes,” says Jay DeMarcus. “We’re going to put as many hits in our set as we possibly can.”

So what can fans expect if they head out to Las Vegas?

What we’re trying to do is take people on the ride of Rascal Flatts – how we got to where we are and what our influences are.”

The Vegas venue provide a more intimate experience with a smaller crowd, so they’re able to connect more with the people in the room. They reigned in the production aspects of the show and brought the band closer together to help create that intimate vibe on stage as well.

If you can’t make it out to Vegas, you’ll get a brand new show on the road this summer. They’ll be bringing along rising star Kelsea Ballerini as their opener. She’s an artist in high demand these days, so how did Rascal Flatts snag her for their tour?

We called dibs,” chuckled Joe Don Rooney.

For more information about “Rhythm and Roots” shows in Las Vegas or to see if Rascal Flatts will be playing near you this summer, head over to www.rascalflatts.com.

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