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Quick Halloween Questions with JoDee Messina

JoDee Messina

Photo Credit: Country Music Tattle Tale

  • What is Your Favorite Halloween Costume? – The favorite costume I’ve seen is when my husband made and airplane costume from a box! It was for our then three-year-old!
  • What is Your Favorite Scary Movie?–Yikes! I don’t watch scary movies!
  • What is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?–Mini Snickers
  • What is Your Least Favorite Halloween Candy?–Sour gummy worms
  • Haunted Houses or Hayrides?–Hayrides

Multi-Platinum selling country superstar Jo Dee Messina released her brand new single, “He’s Messed Up,” from her critically acclaimed studio album ME earlier this week. The single, has been one of the Top 20 most downloaded and most streamed singles on Play MPE for the last three weeks and was just featured on the new radio show On The Horizon on SiriusXM The Highway (Channel 56) last week. The rock-infused track, written by Messina and Alyssa Bonagura, features back-up vocals by the fans who helped make Messina’s new music happen as Kickstarter backers, including a 14 year old who took the day off from school to be a part of the record.

For more official Jo Dee Messina news go to www.jodeemessina.com. Fans can follow Jo Dee on Facebook www.facebook.com/jodeemessina and Twitter www.twitter.com/jodeemessina.


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