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10 Quick Quirky Questions with Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin

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Easton Corbin is lauded for his traditional country sound, authentic lyrics and mastery of understatement. His self-titled debut album released in 2010 and spawned back-to-back hits “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It;” making him the first country male artist in 17 years to have his first two consecutive singles reach No. 1. That same year the Gilchrist County Florida native won all of the Breakthrough Artist awards at the American Country Awards – Artist of the Year: Breakthrough Artist, Single of the Year: Breakthrough Artist and Music Video: Breakthrough Artist for “A Little More Country Than That.” Billboard named Corbin as the Top New Country Artist of 2010.

Easton’s most recent single, “Lovin’ You Is Fun,” placed No. 5 on the country airplay charts and is from his sophomore album ALL OVER THE ROAD which was released September 18. “All Over the Road” is Easton’s current single

10 Quick Quirky Questions with Easton Corbin

Q: If you could be anyone else for the day who would you be?
A: Being me is too much work already! I don’t know if I could handle being anyone else!

Q: Sweet or Salty?
A: Both!

Q: What is the last song or album you downloaded?
A: Merle Haggard- No Reason to Quit

Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror this morning what was the first thing you thought?
A: Do I really have to get up?

Q: What is one word you say a lot?
A: Depends on how bad of a situation it is, ha!

Q: If you could pick one person to tour with who would it be?
A: Merle Haggard

Q: Who has influenced you the most in your personal life?
A: My Grandfather

Q: If your house were on fire what item would you make sure to grab before running for safety?
A: Guitar, motorcycle, guns… In no particular order!

Q: Would you ever participate in a reality show? If yes, which one would you sign up for?
A: Yes! Moonshiners or Gator Boys, take your pick!

Visit www.eastoncorbin.com or www.umgnashville.com to learn more about the Florida native.

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