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Jake Owen Releases “What We Ain’t Got” Lyric Video

Jake Owen premiered the brand new lyric video forhis new single “What We Ain’t Got,” and it’s a party…literally.

The video was shot at a huge block party Jake Owen recently hosted here in Nashville at the BMI building (and parking lot). We filmed some of his performance, and a very special moment happened onstage – Jake brought the co-writer (Travis Meadows) of his new single “What We Ain’t Got” onstage to sing the song with him. He has a compelling story of success, and struggle, and finding himself again.

Miranda Lambert’s Ladysmith a Place to Keep Her Stuff

Miranda Lambert
is a singer/songwriter and shop owner (Pink Pistol), but she recently added B&B owner to her resume. She sat down with Yahoo Travel to talk about The Ladysmith,s a quaint 113 year old building in downtown Toshomingo, Oklahoma that was inspired by Miranda’s unique collection of “Old Shit.”

It’s things I’ve acquired over a couple of years. I’ve been buying things I love, and I’d just put them in storage. Then when this B&B came up, I thought, “This is perfect.”

I needed to do something with it. I needed a B&B because I needed someplace to put my stuff!

It’s crazy. I’m a fan of preserving old things. I loved the building [a converted 1901 drugstore], which was just sitting there rotting. I wanted to turn it into something grand, to its original state. I bought it; it wasn’t for sale, but everything’s for sale. Then I said, “I don’t know the first thing about running a B&B.”But the building is what inspired me.

I wasn’t planning on doing this in my life, but I found a great innkeeper [Staci Addison] and staff. Every room has its own character, its message to say. I feel like that’s how my albums are.

Miranda hopes her face and name on the B&B along with her shop across the street will drive people to experience the small-town that she’s so proud of.

We really encourage everybody to visit all the businesses and restaurants.

There are a lot of great little boutiques down the street. And what I love is the small-town people.

[The Ladysmith] is the real deal. It’s a warm environment if you really want to know what it’s like to be in a small town. It’s a good way to get away.

Luke Bryan Credits Good Genes…er Jeans for His Smooth Moves

Luke Bryan

Last night, Luke Bryan was featured on Nightline where he spoke about his signature moves on stage and the music he sings. The moves…he gives all the credit to good jeans…Although we beg to differ… It may be good genes.

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Over the past few years, Luke has been thrown into the ‘Bro-Country’ category with Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, Jason Aldean and more. He isn’t flattered by the label…In fact, it’s just the opposite.

“It really aggravates me,” Bryan said. “It’s a derogatory term, in my opinion, of what me and the people that are doing this music… Yeah do I sing about a truck and a beer on one song, but then do I sing about a completely different subject matter. I mean, listen to the whole album and don’t judge me on one song.”

I wonder if he realizes it’s not the trucks and beer that give him that label. It’s the sudden change from “We Rode in Trucks” and “Tackle Box” to truck beds and girls getting frisky over a catfish dinner that slipped him into that stereotype.

Glen Campbell Documentary in Theaters Tomorrow

glen campbell

Glen Campbell’s wife says he’s at stage six of the seven stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Kim Campbell says he’s lost most of his language skills and he rarely understands anything that’s said to him. However, she says Campbell still communicates with hugs and smiles, and he’s healthy and is “a delight to be around.”

A documentary about him called “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” opens in theaters tomorrow. Director James Keach says the opening scene shows Campbell watching the film and not recognizing himself. Keach says once Campbell was told it’s him, he loved listening to his own music.

“We need to let people know about this disease, we need to do something about it,” she remembers her husband telling her at the time. “He really made himself vulnerable, because he wanted to make a difference.”

Campbell has not performed in public since November of 2012.   Glen’s  record label released his final studio recording: a heart-breaking ballad, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.”  The single was recorded in January 2013 — just months after Campbell stopped performing in public.

Get Your Hands on Some of Willie Nelson’s Stash!

Willie Nelson

Legacy Recordings will release Willie Nelson and Sister Bobbie’s December Day, the first installment of the Willie’s Stash archival recordings series, on Tuesday, December 2.

An eclectic album collaboration from outlaw country legend Willie Nelson and Sister Bobbie Nelson, December Day debuts intimate new recordings of the siblings performing 18 songs they love.

As brother and sister growing up in Abbott, Texas, Willie and Bobbie Nelson learned to read music and play instruments as pre-teens under the tutelage of their grandparents, who raised them. They played together in Texas bands early in their careers and Bobbie has been an essential member of Willie’s Family Band since its official formation in 1973. Willie and Bobbie’s deeply intuitive musical bond, formed and developed through of decades of practice and spontaneity, can be felt throughout December Day.

With songs personally selected by Willie and Bobbie, December Day includes new versions of gems from Willie’s extensive songwriting catalog (“Permanently Lonely,” “My Old Peculiar Way”) alongside some surprising cover tunes (Al Jolson’s “The Anniversary Song,” Irving Berlin’s “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” “What’ll I Do” and “Always”).

The album’s sound is augmented by contributions from other Family Band members, including harmonica player Mickey Raphael and the late Bee Spears on bass on “What’ll I Do,” recorded during his poignant last session with Willie.

In his first-hand observer liner notes for December Day, Family Band member Mickey Raphael provides fascinating details of the album’s performances and insights into the artists’ creative process.

“As long as I can remember, Willie and Bobbie, who ride together on Willie’s bus, spend some of their traveling time jamming on their favorite songs,” Raphael writes. “Bobbie has a travel size keyboard on the bus and Willie’s guitar, Trigger is always by his side. This is where the idea for December Day was born. ‘Why not record our favorite songs like we play them for ourselves?,’ Bobbie asked….

“….When it comes to a brother-sister collaboration with the longevity of Willie and Bobbie, there is beauty in keeping things simple. ‘Less is more’ is the underlying theme. We’ve heard these songs before but not like this. The spontaneity born out of familiarity is what this record, December Day, is all about.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s alchemy.”

The Willie’s Stash series will present a variety of releases, personally curated by Willie Nelson, culled from decades of recording and touring, a singular career that’s established Willie Nelson as an American musical icon.

December Day is Willie’s fifth release since signing to Legacy Recordings in 2012. His last Legacy release, Band Of Brothers, was released in June 2014 and hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart.

Musicians on the album include Willie Nelson (Trigger) and Bobbie Nelson (piano, B-3 organ) with Mickey Raphael (harmonica), Kevin Smith (bass), Bee Spears (bass), Billy English (drums, percussion) and David Zettner (acoustic guitar).

Willie Nelson and Sister Bobbie
December Day
(Willie’s Stash, Vol. 1)

1. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
2. Permanently Lonely (Willie Nelson)
3. What’ll I Do (Irving Berlin)
4. Summer of Roses / December Day (Willie Nelson)
5. Nuages (Django Reinhardt)
6. Mona Lisa (Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)
7. I Don’t Know Where I Am Today (Willie Nelson)
8. Amnesia (Willie Nelson)
9. Who’ll Buy My Memories (Willie Nelson)
10. The Anniversary Song (Al Jolson & Saul Chaplin)
11. Laws of Nature (Willie Nelson)
12. Walkin’ (Willie Nelson)
13. Always (Irving Berlin)
14. I Let My Mind Wander (Willie Nelson)
15. Is the Better Part Over (Willie Nelson)
16. My Own Peculiar Way (Willie Nelson)
17. Sad Songs and Waltzes (Willie Nelson)
18. Ou-es tu, mon amour (Emile Stern & Henri LeMarchand) / I Never Cared for You (Willie Nelson)

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