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Top Tweets: Easter Edition

sara evanssara evans easter

10. Sara Evans @saraevansmusic
Happy Easter from the Barkers!
HAPPY EASTER!!!! Praise Jesus!

jana kramer

9. Jana Kramer ‏@kramergirl
Happy Easter everyone!!!! Maybe this pic is why I’m afraid of bunnies.

8. kellie pickler ‏@kelliepickler
Hello sunshine, I’m so glad you decided to shine in Nashville this morning! #HappyEasterYall :-)

7. Zac Brown Band ‏@zacbrownband
Happy Easter… & if you’re not Christian, “happy finding out what local businesses are” day.

6. Dan + Shay ‏@DanAndShay
Happy Easter! Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday with friends + family!

5. Jerrod Niemann ‏@jrodfromoz
Hope you have an Easter with your loved ones. Such a special day for us all to remember. Have a great one. :)

kristian bush

4. Kristian Bush ‏@kristianbush
Happy Easter everyone. #love #nothingisimpossible

sunny sweeney

3. SUNNY SWEENEY ‏@GettinSweenered
Happy Easter!

2. Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery
Happy Easter yall! So glad I worship a God who’s not dead. #HeIsRisen

craig morgan

1.  Craig Morgan ‏@cmorganmusic
Happy Easter. HE has risen.

Top Country Tweets of the Week – March 30th

thomas rhett

10. Happy Birthday @ThomasRhett! He told us in this tweet “Fun fact: @JustinColeMoore and I share a birthday. Better fact: it’s today. Happy birthday brother.

9. Apparently the cast of Nashville knows how to get rowdy – @ClareMBee (Clare Bowen) sent out this last week “Found mayonnaise in the fringe of my favorite jacket this morning. Rough night?”

8. We all know @LauraBellBundy can get a little ‘Kentucky Dirty’, so here was her reaction when KY made it to the final four in March Madness “I’m so excited I think I just peed a little! FINAL FOUR!!! #bestdayever #bbn #kydirty”

7. If you were ever wondering how to scare @BrettEldredge (maybe an April Fools Joke), he sent out this tweet “If you are a life size Easter bunny, please stay away…you may scare me a wee bit”

6. @ScottyMcCreery obviously doesn’t remember that Punk’d was canceled years ago: “Now tuesday is April 1st, and I just got some insanely cool news for that day! I think I’m being punked, but I cant find any hidden cameras!”

dierks bentley

5. Artist, pilot, father, husband – @DierksBentley can add chef to his resume now “oh yeah…cooked this bad boy chicken breast myself and didnt even microwave the frozen veggies.…”

4. Jerrod Niemann released his third album this week, so @BradPaisley sent this in honor of the release. I think it’s supposed to be supportive… “Everybody go buy the new @jrodfromoz album! It’s the one with Donkey on it. Actually, all his albums have a Donkey on it.”

3. It’s not quite time for Easter egg hunts yet, but that doesn’t stop @TaylorSwift13 from hiding things “I keep hiding things in secret spots in my apartment and then forgetting where I hid them. Would’ve been the worst pirate ever.”

2. It’s been a LONG winter, so @LadyAntebellum’s Charles was ready to make his debut in the sun this week. “to say I got a little over ambitious on my first day of being in the sun is an understatement. red lobsterish today people. #sunblock – ck”

carrie underwood

1. Part of the inspiration for songwriting comes from environment, as @CarrieUnderwood proves is this picture “The view we get to write to today…”

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Top Country Tweets of the Week – March 16th

Brett Eldredge

10. Looks like @BrettEldredge had a little identity crisis “Me as @blakeshelton on spring break circa 2001”

9. Spring break means one thing – PCB! @ColeSwindell posted “Ready for this run of shows..Panama City during the week and South Carolina on the weekend.. Maybe the weather will be nice for a change!”

8. @LauraBellBundy took some time away from LA – sounds like she missed home “I love the way people say your name in the south ‘Miss Laura’ … Sounds like comfort food. #atl”

Chase Rice

7. One good looking tour is making it’s way through the country – @ChaseRiceMusic tweeted this from the road “Safe to say me and the boyos had a great time last night. This tour is a fun one!! @billycurrington @bretteldredge”

6. @FrankieBallard has had one Helluva ride the last few years – looks like it’s paid off though “It’s official..I have my first #1 song Thanks to each and every 1 of u that requested “Helluva Life” and came to see us jam over the years!”

5. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can get you happy…as @JenniferNettles tweeted: “Every night before bed, I get excited about coffee in the morning.”

Dierks Bentley

4. Apparently @DierksBentley doesn’t agree with London time… “Big Ben is about 2 mins fast according to my ironman watch. just sayin…”

3. What happens when you send all of country’s stars to London? Lost package of course! Just as @MartinaMcBride “Can’t wait to play the show tonight at the O2!!! Still no suitcase, but on it’s way. Hopefully will make it here before showtime!”

2. I don’t think @BlakeShelton realizes that it’s the 21st century… “I’m so famous my truck doors lock themselves just to keep my precious ass safe. Bitch…”

Brad Paisley

1. Country proves to be more than country wide as @BradPaisley takes on Europe “First show of our Europe trip!”

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Top Country Tweets of the Week – March 9th

Frankie Ballard

10. You might be seeing a new member added to @FrankieBallard’s band if you see him as he supports his new album “Got me a surf green love machine…sniff them salty licks”

9. Watch out ladies, @BrettEldredge might be changing the dating game! “Next serious date I go on, I’m gonna wear a huge fanny pack and if I she doesn’t get weirded out, then I know she’s cool ha”

8. Maybe @ScottyMcCreery hit fame a little too young…seems he forgot how to groom his nails “That awful feeling when you cut one of your finger nails a little too close….. Good grief!”

7. Fame didn’t change how @CarrieUnderwood lives! “Goin’ for a rip on our big green tractor… #farmlife 

6. Thirty-seven years old, and @BlakeShelton might never grow up… “Just like Hank said… All my rowdy friends have settled down. Idiots…”

5. With another release months away, @JayDeMarcus took some time off before hitting the promotion and tour for Rewind! “Dear Mexico, do I REALLY have to leave tomorrow???”

4. What goes around comes around as @DierksBentley found out in this three-tweet series: “so a long time ago, @wadebowen and i had a couple (and then some) of beers at roberts bar in nashville. i decided he needed a real guitar” “so we got a ride to the bus yard and i gave him my other @MartinGuitar. a D-18. it’s on the cover of his @WadeBowen Lost Hotel album…” “and today… i got this from @wadebowen for my son knox! so cool. thanks bro!! @MartinGuitar baby martin…”

3. If there is one thing @MartinaMcBride isn’t, it would be a bad mom…this week she did realize a slip in her parenting, however “Ava just informed me she has never seen The Wizard of Oz. What kind of a terrible mother am I ????”

2. Country Queen @DollyParton took to twitter to send this message out: “Don’t let these false eyelashes lead you to believe that I’m as shallow as I look ‘cause I run true and deep! :)”

Brad Paisley

1. Selfie time!!! @BradPaisley took part in the selfie fad this week “Kickin off the Houston rodeo tonight. Since everyone’s into taking selfies now,here’s my submission.  @GeorgeHWBush

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Top Country Tweets of the Week – March 2nd

Jon Parti

10. After a weekend of shows, @JonPardi is ready for his driver to bring him home “Take us home, Cowboy!”

9. Let’s hope the lady next to @BrettEldredge doesn’t have twitter… “The lady next to me has so much perfume on, you’d swear she rolled around in 800 Forrest’s of flowers this morning”

8. After her time on the Voice, @DBradbery has been on a roller coaster – this winter has been a learning experience for her “For a first tour, definitely been one in a million learning from @BradPaisley and @ChrisYoungMusic so very thankful #BeatThisWinterTour

Cole Swindell

7. It looks like @ColeSwindell might be getting #DrunkOnAPlane… “On a plane with TR @thomasrhettakins… We have shows together the next 2 nights! We’re about to pull a Dierks Bentley… If you know what I mean”

6. The farewell tour continues for George Strait and @MartinaMcBride continues to be grateful to be on the ride “Amazing weekend with King George. I have so much to tell you. Thanks Philly and Newark for treating us so great! Just so much FUN!”

5. There may have been some delays, but @JakeOwen was able to do his job without a hitch “Just had a blast driving the pace car to start the Daytona 500. Being a FL boy… That sealed the deal for me. Too damn cool.”


4. Looks like we won’t need to wait to much longer for a change in weather from @LittleBigTown! They’re in the studio now recording their next album “Work it out. #Album6

3. Dierks Bentley may or may not have pressured this tweet of support from @LadyAntebellum’s Charles “well @DierksBentley I’m called out! wife bought first thing and I’m downloading as we speak. been working and late to party! #badfriend -ck”

2. After ending yet another successful tour, @BradPaisley left us with this simple tweet “Mic drop. And I’m outta here.”

carrie underwood

1. Somehow @CarrieUnderwood makes this work “Sometimes, you just gotta wear a monkey hat…”

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