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Kellie Lynne’s “Dirt Cheap” – Review

No one ever likes feeling used, especially not by someone you were romantically involved with. In her debut single, “Dirt Cheap,” Kellie Lynne, sings about that exact feeling. She captures the emotion effortlessly in the country ballad, which was co-written by country music sensation, Luke Bryan, as well as hit songwriters Dallas Davidson, and Hillary Lindsey.

Lynne has a solid, and at times strong, voice. It might be better show cased in a more powerful up-tempo song –not to say her vocal abilities aren’t beautifully displayed in “Dirt Cheap.” She is fantastic at demonstrating emotion through song. The hurt in her voice is evident when she sings, “It’s like I’m on the bottom of your boots. Something you brush off when you’re through.” By the end, the listener is left aching for the character in the song.

Girls, never let a man call you only when it’s convenient for him or make you feel like you are anything less than amazing, because you are. In case you need a reminder, turn on Lynne’s “Dirt Cheap.” It is the perfect song to help you have a good cry, and then help remind you that you are good enough and ready to move on.

If you missed it, check out our New & Noteworthy feature on Kellie Lynne here.

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Luke Bryan’s “Drink A Beer” Is Emotionally Charged

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan’s latest single, “Drink A Beer,” may sound like another party song, but it is far from it. The third single off his hugely successful “Crash My Party” album is quite a departure from the type of songs Luke has been cranking out recently. This time we find Luke singing one of the most poignant and emotionally charged songs of his career. With a more serious subject matter, relatable lyrics and a stripped back sound “Drink A Beer” will prove to be a significant song in Luke’s catalog of hits.

Written by some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, Chris Stapleton and Jim Beavers, the song deals with someone getting the earth shattering news that they lost someone they love. It channels that raw emotion of trying to get a handle on things right in the midst of that heartbreaking moment with lyrics like,

When I got the news today/ I didn’t know what to say/ So I just hung up the phone/ I took a walk to clear my head/ This is where the walking lead/ Can’t believe you’re really gone/Don’t feel like going home/ So I’m gonna sit right here/ On the edge of this pier/ Watch the sunset disappear/ And drink a beer

Luke has recently openly talked about the tragic loss in his own life of his sister and brother. Due to his real life experience, the authenticity Luke brings to the song makes the listener feel every word he is singing. In addition, vocally Luke has never sounded better and Chris Stapleton singing harmony is icing on the cake. While the party songs can be fun, a solid meaningful ballad like this one showcases Luke’s talent on a whole different level.

Country music is the people’s music, and this song is the perfect example of why. Everyone has lost someone that they love. The song has heart and echoes the sentiments of Miranda Lambert’s “Over You,” Vince Gill’s, “Hey God,” and Toby Keith’s “Cryin’ For Me.” “Drink A Beer” will certainly find its way into many people’s hearts and Luke is just the right voice to get it there.

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2Steel Girls Are a Fabulous “Train Wreck” – Single Review



2Steel Girls Are Nashville Strong!

Allison and Krystal Steel are beginning to rewrite history as the most famous mother-daughter duo since the Judds and started their career with their first showing at the legendary Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN. Less than one year after the show talent scouts for NBC’s “The Voice” found them online where they sang through 4,500 contestants and found themselves in the top 64, performing on “The Voice” and being picked up by Blake Shelton for his team.

Not only are they the first mother-daughter duo to appear on “The Voice”, they have also since appeared on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family Show” singing their blind performance for “The Voice”, “Before He Cheats”. Then wonderful things happened on Facebook when a fan started a page called “Get 2Steel Girls on the Today Show”, and within 3 weeks they were invited to perform for the “Today’s Show’s” Mother’s Day segment where they sang “Train Wreck” for the first time.

Looking for additional funding to release their debut album “Train Wreck” they started up a Kickstarter project to make it happen and fans so loved them that the CD was funded 150% and became a reality on August 10, 2013! (And since August 10th is my birthday I know they have a wonderful career ahead of them – just saying!) To date this dynamic duo had already been featured on GAC and have kudos with MTV, Rolling Stone, been named a country favorite on the “Today Show” and have numerous mentions in magazines and newspapers nationally and internationally. The country music nation is being rocked by this amazing duo and 2Steel Girls are moving in and moving on with a wonderful tradition of life, love and music by mother and daughter!

“Train Wreck” is an album with 7 tunes: “My Mistakes”, “Fall In Love”, “Train Wreck”, “Forward”, “ON”, “Take Me Back” and “Chasing You”. “My Mistakes” is the first song and it opens up the listener to a whole new world of country, blues, and soulful listening. Their amazing harmony plays to the deep bass and drums in this ballad – it makes the listener feel like they are maybe floating down a bayou on a star studded night, swaying to the mesmerizing sounds coming from this duo. I loved this song and it put me straight in the mood to listen to more!!

Listening to “Fall In Love” kind of took me back to my rodeo days with their mentions of one night rodeos and swinging lassos and big ropes! This song is upbeat and rocks out harder than the ballad proving that Allison and Krystal have more up their sleeves than just one beat. It’s catchy and showcases another vocal talent of these two ladies – a throaty, kind of sexy and guttural vocal as they crescendo in and out of the verses. Well done!

“Train Wreck” which is the title song is equally interspersed with their unique harmony, upbeat melody, once more showcasing even more of their ability pull the listener into the song. The instrumentals in all the songs on the EP are equally as impressive in filling the room with “feel like you are there” vibes and they compliment the duo perfectly.

This is one strong EP – of course it is – it’s 2Steel Girls – Nashville Strong!

Please find 2Steel Girls at:

You can download the new EP at iTunes or order a signed CD on their official website. If you are lucky enough to catch them at a show please be sure to do so – I imagine these ladies will rock your world with their amazing voices.

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Reviewer
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Vince Gill and John Oates Team Up for “Don’t Cross Me Wrong” — Single Review



John Oates has teamed up with country great Vince Gill for the latest single off his “Good Road To Follow” project. The song, “Don’t Cross Me Wrong,” was written, recorded and co-produced with Vince in his home studio in Nashville. These legendary musicians may be from different genres, but their love for music and extreme talent blends perfectly on this fun, bluesy jam.

The song can easily be defined as a story about a tough sort of guy that people just don’t want to mess with. The song features horns, exciting guitar solos and John Oates and Vince Gill doing their own background vocals along with the soulful Bekka Bramlett.  With a blues/rock sort of vibe the melody is catchy to say the least.  The way their voices smoothly blend together on the chorus is what gives the song a signature sound. John does an impressive job of delivering a believable lyric and, as always, Vince’s guitar playing will wow and impress you.

Vince Gill has collaborated with hundreds of various artists showing his diversity as an artist. This latest project is no exception. John Oates, an icon in is own right, made a wise choice teaming up with Vince. The two of them proved to use both of their strengths to create a one of kind, let loose, lively summer song.  “Good Road To Follow” is a project described as a trip through John’s musical life that explores many styles and genres. Instead of a full album release John is releasing a new single every month and that started in June. “Don’t Cross Me Wrong” is the second single and is available now on iTunes!

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