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Top Country Tweets of the Week!


10.a little fish…ing and then somewhere on a human beach towel in Boise. always feels like a hometown show there.


9.Spent the day among giants. It was breathtaking.

8.Are you treenuts ready to party?


7.Santorini is a dream…pull up a chair!

6.Bawled my way through Peter Pan tonight onstage. Wish I could go back & tell my 12 year old self this would be my life. Grateful and humbled

5.Thought I was renewing my drivers license online and ended up buying a book guide on renewing my drivers license!


4.Thank you to the entire touring family for welcoming us in and lifting us up…


3.Sometimes you gotta surprise her with flowers at the gym.


2.Thanks to for the haircut! Was starting to get a little shaggy


1.Strained intercostal muscles take this!!!!!!!! Can’t stop. Wont stop.

Top Country Tweets of the Week August 15th-21st

dierks tweet dierks


thomas rhett tweet

9.Pre show steam

kacey musgraves tweet

8.Made it past the Forever 27 club..whew! 28 is feelin’ nice already. Woke up to balloons & yummy crepes & prezzies

7.Last night I unwittingly flicked a small plastic guitar pick into ‘s eye. He cried. We are all pulling for you Tyler. Prayers.

miranda tweet

6.I said YES! But he has to wait 25 years. this sweet boy Sebastian is a little gentleman.…

5.Hi. You are beautiful and loved and important and strong. Just In case you forgot for a second. Sending love to you…just because.


brett eldredge tweet

3.Lil Edgar broke his toe…he’s still chillin

shania twain tweet

2.Everybody needs a rest stop now and again

cam tweet

1.If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together  (:…


Meet Country’s Newest Heartthrob: Brennin


Brennin is the newest country guy to keep on your radar, but it isn’t just because of his smoldering good looks (let’s be honest, those don’t hurt). He’s a down-to-earth, fun guy with a voice that will turn you into a puddle. You may recognize Brennin from his guest role on the TV show “Nashville” or from when he was a contestant on the talent competition “The X Factor.” He’s truly a triple-threat: singer, songwriter, and actor.

Brennin’s self-titled EP came out earlier this year, but his favorite career achievement to date is having Vince Gill record a song that they wrote together. Brennin, originally from Oklahoma like Vince, had admired him for years and finally got the chance to work with him about 3 years ago.

“I had his cell phone number for 3 months before I even called him, ‘cause I’m like ‘how do you call Vince Gill?’” said Brennin.

He finally got up the nerve with some encouragement from his wife and he left a message for Vince. Before he knew it, he was at Vince’s house writing songs. As they wrapped up the last writing session, Vince told Brennin that he was considering cutting one of their songs for his own project. Fast forward to February of this year, Vince Gill released his “Down to My Last Bad Habit” album with the song he co-write with Brennin, called “I Can’t Do This.”

Brennin said,

“It blew my mind, being here 9 years and working really hard to break into this business. I can’t find a better scenario for my first cut to ever have success as a songwriter than to be with my hero, Vince Gill.”

On Sunday night, Brennin opened for the classic rock band America and the iconic Michael McDonald at the Woods at Fontanel in Nashville.

“I really like how laid back they are with their approach,” said Brennin, talking about the band America, whom he’s opened for on several occasions. “It’s real relaxed and real fun. There’s something to be said about just walking out on stage, picking up instruments, not having any computers or tracks to hide or mask what you do. It’s just vocals and being a human being.”

This venue didn’t have a backstage area, so Brennin suggested doing our interview in his car. As we were chatting, James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” series came to mind, so I challenged Brennin to share his best cover. Brennin cranked up the classic Boyz II Men hit “I’ll Make Love to You” and sang his heart out! You can watch the intimate performance video on our Facebook page.

When Brennin took the stage, he engaged the crowd with just an acoustic guitar and his soulful voice, showcasing his songwriting skills and impeccable vocals. Audience members commented that they were pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t just a pretty face, but a man who could hold his own in a lineup of legendary artists.

Heavily influenced by artists like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, you can hear the vintage 70s vibe with a punch of contemporary country and R&B in Brennin’s music. If you haven’t heard his tunes before, he recommends listening to the song “Lose My Cool” first.

“Of all the songs I’ve ever written, I think it’s my staple song as far as the sound of what I’m trying to do.”

To download his music and see when he’ll be performing near you, go to



Top Country Tweets of the Week August 8th-14th

dierks tweet
that moment when u walk outside ur dressing room and realize you’ve been oil spotted! all buses gone! uber to indy?!
9.RT if you almost threw up from unrolling several bales of hay today because it’s so hot!!!
brett eldredge tweet
8.Beats by EDGAR….I mean
cam tweet
6.Dazzle tights, fake plants & beer gonna make this storm blow over faster…  
5.Vacation will officially begin in 2hrs or so. Unless I’m so moved by something I absolutely have to share my two cents, I’m gonna be MIA…
4.Taking care of Ward for just 3 hours by myself today has already worn me out. I applaud full time parents and my wife
3.Spent the first half the day eating veggies and drinking Kombucha and the second half eating queso and donuts. All about balance.
thomas rhett tweet
carrie tweet
1.Restaurant review: Nashville, Salt & Vine = amazing! From the food to the wine to the company.…

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