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Rachele Lynae Releases New Music Video For “Quicksand”



Country singer-songwriter Rachele Lynae is back with a fiery new video for her latest single “Quicksand.”

The sexy video mirrors the song’s punchy storyline about a guy with tendencies to have a wandering eye. Rachele knows
better, and decides to take matters into her own hands with those who have been down the same road.

The video was filmed outside of Nashville and directed by Spencer Glover, Big Feather Films. Playing the role of Rachele’s
love interest is former American Idol contestant and actor, Spencer Lloyd. Rachele’s sister, Heather Cole and several of
her best friends also make cameo appearances.

Rachele is also among the next group of emerging artists to be part of CMT’s Artist Discovery campaign in January. The
campaign includes custom on-air and cross-platform promotions to help better connect rising artists with a passionate
new fan base. As part of the promotion, “Quicksand” will air on CMT Music three times per day for the next five weeks
beginning January 11. Fans can also check it out here.

Rachele has been making her mark in Nashville since the release of her debut album in 2014. The Alaska native quickly
became known for her unique storytelling lyrics, as well as her guitar-driven country style. In the recent years she has
been performing her hits all across the country, sharing the stage with some of country’s hottest artists including The
Band Perry, Keith Urban, Randy Houser, Maddie & Tae, Kelsea Ballerini and more.

Rachele Lynae Talks New Music, Songwriting and Her Home State of Alaska With CMTT — An Exclusive Interview

RL cover - no type

RL cover - no type

Singer/songwriter Rachele Lynae grew up in the beautiful state of Alaska. She has spent a good chunk of her life singing, writing and performing while pouring her heart into all three. Her latest single that she wrote, “Fishin’ For Something,” shows off her sassy style and her powerful vocal chops. “Country Weekly” and “Nashville Lifestyles” have both named Rachele on the of their “Artists To Watch In 2013” and she is working on her debut album. CMTT recently had the chance to talk to Rachele and she told us about working with Jamie O’Neal, her early influences in her career, writing her new single and more.

CMTT:  How did you get started in music and is it always something you knew you were meant to do?
Rachele Lynae:  Music is something I have always been passionate about. I started singing the same time I started talking, maybe even a little before. From the time I was a very little girl I always knew I wanted to be a singer, and as I got older it came to include being a songwriter. I took every opportunity to get the chance to sing while growing up. In high school I spent a lot of summer doing shows and I started recording my own original music. I then got the opportunity to go to Belmont and get my education while being in Music City to pursue my career at the same time and I jumped on that.

CMTT: Who were some of your early influences? Did you model your sound after anyone?
Rachele Lynae: Maybe subconsciously…if you are listening to someone a lot they will kind of influence your sound. I grew up listening to Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, and Leann Rimes and the Judds. When I was a little girl I was especially enamored with Leann Rimes because she was so young when she started. I remember thinking, ‘Well if she can do it when she’s 13, then I can do it when I’m 13.’

CMTT: You have your new single out “Fishin’ For Something” that you wrote. Where did you get the idea for the song?
Rachele Lynae: I wrote it with one of my best friends. She and I we really enjoy going out line dancing and having our girls nights and we found that our girls nights were always being attempted to be broken up by some guy that was approaching one or the other of us. We have had some really funny lines thrown out, so we came up with this idea of fishing for something that ain’t in the water…it was a really fun write…we laughed A LOT!

CMTT: What has the reaction been from the fans when they hear the song?
Rachele Lynae: It is cool because it is a fun song, and I even get guys who think it’s cool because it relates to fishing, but I also get women who send me messages telling me the song is great because it shows women they can stand up for themselves and have standards!

CMTT: What was it like working with Jamie O’neal on your first EP?
Rachele Lynae: Jamie was the first person I was a fan of as singer and a songwriter. When her album came out that had “Shiver” and “There is No Arizona” on it, that album was like my course in songwriting. At that time of course I had no idea I would ever get the chance to actually work with her, so to be able to that has been amazing. She is one of those people who is just so multi-talented, but at the same time she is such a genuine and kind person. She is a great mentor to have and she has helped me in every facet of being part of being an artist.

CMTT: What should fans expect from your debut album set to come out later this year? Any surprises
Rachele Lynae: I am so excited to get it out. There are some songs fans haven’t heard yet, some brand new stuff. I have been dying to get it out for a while now.

CMTT: What are some “WOW” moments from your career so far?
Rachele Lynae: I have had a few of them! I got to open for Leon Russell. I have such a great passion for music and the way it has grown over the years and there are people that contribute a little bit to that story and then there are people who contribute a lot. Leon is such a great contributor to music and such a great writer. The other one is when I first met Jamie, I was such a big fan of hers. I met Jamie through her father who had heard my stuff and was really excited about it. He set up a meeting with Jamie and I showed up at her house with a guitar and myself. I prepared a couple of songs to play and I was sitting in her living room playing the songs and I remember sitting there thinking, ‘WOW…this is really happening! I am jamming in Jamie’s living room!’

CMTT: What was your favorite thing about growing up in Alaska?
Rachele Lynae: It is absolutely beautiful there and the ocean is RIGHT there. It is magical. Also, people in Alaska are exactly who they are, they are very real and there is no beating around the bush. You have the freedom to be who you are, and that translated into my art.

CMTT: What do you want your fans to know most about you and about your music?
Rachele Lynae: I write and record things that directly relate to me or are stories from my friends’ lives. I write music I can emotionally connect to…and I hope it gives a voice to the people who aren’t songwriters.

Rachele Lynae has her new Party Pack six-song EP now available on iTunes that was produced by Jamie O’neal and consists of songs all written by Rachele. Her single “Fishin’ For Something” is at country radio now so you can call and request it!

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