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Rachel Potter Covers Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Take a look at very fun and great a capella version of “I Knew You Were Trouble” featuring Rachel Potter.

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Rachel Potter Talks to CMTT About “Live The Dream”


Rachel Potter is ready to take the country music world by storm. Rachel has an extensive Broadway background from roles in “Evita,” “Wicked,” and “The Adams Family.” However, this New Orleans born songstress never forgot about her southern roots and her desire to sing country music. Her EP “Live the Dream” features 6 tracks, 5 of which she co-wrote. Funding this project herself with the help of Kickstarter and working with Nashville-based producer, songwriter and guitarist Justin York, Rachel has put out an EP with songs that she hopes speaks to people. Recently CMTT had the chance to talk to the very personable and down to earth singer to find out more about “Live the Dream,” her country influences and her plans to make another album.

CMTT:  You have an extensive Broadway background. How has it been taking the leap over to country music, and what is it about country music that you felt calling your name?
Rachel Potter:  I have always had an affinity for country music ever since I was a little kid. My family is all from the south and I have always wanted to do it. I used to watch CMT all day long as a kid and get lost in those music videos. I started working in theater and started going down that path, but always kept the itch inside of me to pursue country music. While working in theater I started writing songs and decided I wanted to go for it.

CMTT:  How did the EP “Live the Dream” come about?
Rachel Potter:  I actually did a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to make the album. With the help of my Broadway fans I was able to raise the money to fund the project. I had been wanting to record some songs I had ready, but just wasn’t sure where the money was going to come from being an independent artist. I had a growing fan base because of my involvement with Broadway and I made a video telling people what I wanted to do and asked if people could help me. Thanks to my friends, family and fans we raised the money. It was very encouraging to have so many people support me. I think I may actually do another Kickstarter campaign to do a full-length album.

CMTT:  The video for “Live the Dream” features some fun cameo’s right?
Rachel Potter:  Almost my entire “Evita” cast is featured in that video. I filmed it at our theatre in the greenroom on my birthday. I told them instead of birthday presents or a birthday party I would really love it if you guys would just stay after the show and be in my music video…and they did. Ricky Martin is in the video, which is awesome, along with many other friends from the show. In addition I have Constantine Maroulis from “American Idol” who I know from the Broadway scene and Michael Buckley who was featured on “Live with Kelly.” It was really just a lot of fun.

CMTT:  You co-wrote most of the songs on the album right?
Rachel Potter:  I did co-write all of them except “Live the Dream,” but I told the co-writer of that song and my producer Justin York that they have to let me record it.

CMTT:Is there a particular song on the EP that you are most proud of or relate to the most?
Rachel Potter: I think it would be the last song on the record, “Hold On to Me.” I wrote it about my brother when he was going through a hard time. The song went through so many different versions and we just kept building on it. I really wanted the song on the album and after a 4th co-write everything kind of came together and brought exactly what I wanted to the song. It is particularly encouraging to people. I had a friend write me on Facebook and tell me how the song helped them through a hard time. I just thought to myself that is what it is all about and that is why I write songs and do music. I want to give people something to hold on to and make them feel they are not alone and that they are understood.

CMTT: Who are some country artists that influence your music?
Rachel Potter:  When I was young I would listen to Faith Hill, Martine McBride, and Allison Krauss and Union Station. Right now I have to say Taylor Swift is really making waves in country music. I really respect her for all of the things she is doing. I am encouraged by her songwriting and that she is breaking molds. She has given me a big kick in the pants to be brave and to not have to settle for the normal all the time. I am also a big Rascal Flatts fan from day one! I also love Carrie Underwood.  She has been a big influence on me. I love those strong women and those pop men of country music…I am really into Hunter Hayes right now too…he is nailing it!

CMTT:  What do you want fans to know most about you?
Rachel Potter: I love food! Okay, maybe that is not THE thing I want people to know about me, but I will say I am very excited about living in Nashville because my favorite sandwich in the world is from Firehouse Subs! Okay, but really…what I would want to express to fans is that I am an open book and want people to have the opportunity to feel a connection to an artist and that my art is open and available to people and their lives if they want it. If my music can help encourage someone then that makes everything that I am doing worthwhile. You just never know what your words are going to do for people.

CMTT: What does 2013 look like for you?
Rachel Potter:  I don’t think there will be any Broadway this year, but… never say never!  I don’t have anything in my sights as of now. By the way 13 is also my lucky number (just like Taylor Swift).  It has been since I was young. I think that is another reason I like Taylor so much! Anyway, I have a whole slew of songs I am ready to cut so I will do another Kickstarter campaign so I can get those recorded. I have a new song called “The Verdict” and that song is coming out as a single in the spring. We also have a video for it in the works. Other than that praying to the tour gods and finding out if I get to go on tour…that would be awesome!

From talking with Rachel it is blatantly clear that she has a true passion for music. Whether she is on the Broadway stage or kicking up her boots singing her own songs, music is clearly where her heart is. Rachel’s EP “Live the Dream” is available now on iTunes.  “The Verdict” will be her next new single! Check out this video of her singing it live at Joes Pub in New York!

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