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Prayers for Joey Feek

joey and rory

Late last week Rory Feek took to his blog “This Life I Live” to let fans know that Joey’s cancer has not only returned but it has also moved into her colon, her diagnosis is stage 4 cervical cancer.    Below is an excerpt from Rory’s blog post:


The doctors say there is a 9 cm tumor in Joey’s sigmoid colon.  Even though the cancer is now in the colon, they said it’s the same cells as before (she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and had surgery last June to remove the tumor), and that the original cancer has now spread to a new organ and the tumor and cells are rapidly growing, so that is the big concern.

As I write this… my wife is in her garden, the baby on a blanket near her.  She’s weeding her squash, and broccoli and kale, and the cucumbers that have just poked their heads up out of the soil.  But she’s not just tending to her vegetables – she’s tending to her soul.  Walking and talking with God.

So next week, we are going to Chicago to have Joey looked at at a cancer treatment center there.  We will take Indy with us and one of Joey’s sisters will be with us while she’s there for a few days being evaluated.  Our hope is that we’ll spend a good portion of the summer there, and then by harvest time in her garden, she’ll have her rubber boots on and will be up and down those rows gathering the harvest that the Lord has provided.  And like most falls, she’ll spend countless days canning and freezing and cooking what she grew, the hard way.

I can’t begin to tell you how much love and support we’ve received in the last 5 days through emails, calls, texts, flowers, cards, gifts and above all prayers.  Prayers and more prayers.   Prayers for the cancer to go away… prayers for strength for Joey through this… prayers for me and Heidi and Hopie… and oh, the prayers for our little IndianaWe’ve been shown lots of love before from friends and family, from fans and strangers.  But this… this is a whole other level of love.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

You can read the full blog post from Rory on his blog here.

Photo from Facebook:

Photo from Facebook:

Joey + Rory are currently in Chicago visiting with doctors and Rory seems to be updating their Facebook page often.  We will continue to pray for God’s healing and peace for the Feeks.

Joey Feek’s Cancer Returns



Joey Feek of Joey + Rory is once again dealing with cervical cancer. Her husband, Rory Feek, writes on the couples blog that Joey has not been feeling well over the past months and the cancer has returned. She had been in remission since having surgery last year.

Rory writes,

Over the last couple of months, Joey hasn’t been feeling well. She had hoped that it was just a stomach virus or an intestinal issue, but after many tests and biopsies, it turns out that it’s more than that.

On Thursday, Joey had a port put in for chemotherapy and radiation. She starts the treatments in the coming week.

Upon this diagnosis, doctors agreed that several rounds of chemotherapy will be necessary.

Here’s what the doctors think…

With six weeks of chemo and radiation, the tumor may reduce in size and possibly even go away completely, and if so, she won’t have to have any further surgeries. If the chemo and radiation doesn’t work like they hope, Joey will be in for an even tougher road ahead.

Our prayers are with you and your family,

Joey + Rory Put Final Touches on “Josephine”

joey and rory

Rory Feek of Joey + Rory is wrapping up filming of his movie about a Confederate soldier’s wife. The Virginia Film Office says filming is complete on Feek’s independent feature film “Josephine.”

It’s about a woman who disguises herself as a man to join the Confederate Army so she can find her husband. It was inspired by letters written by John Wesley Robinson to his wife Josephine during the war.

Joey + Rory Share Cancer Battle in New Blog

Photo via:

Photo via:

Joey and Rory Feek have shared news with their fans that Joey was recently diagnosed with an aggressive cervical cancer.  Rory shared the news on the couple’s This Life I Live Blog.

In May, at a routine appointment with her gynecologist, Joey’s doctor discovered something that concerned her.  She said there was a mass on Joey’s cervix and that she wanted do a biopsy, and would let us know the results when she got them back.   A few days later, Joey woke up from a nap with a message from the doctor, asking that we come in and talk with her that afternoon.  When we walked into the her office, the doctor was clearly upset.  Before she could even say the word “cancer”, her eyes welled up with tears and sobbing she said, “I’m so sorry Joey…”.   My wife bravely smiled and said, ” it’s gonna be okay, just tell us”.   And so she did.

Joey underwent surgery this past Friday at Centennial hospital in Nashville.  She was sent home the day after the surgery and is recovering.

It’s been five days now, and Joey’s getting stronger every day. Her swelling is going down and spirits continue to go up. We had a follow-up appointment with the oncologist yesterday and he said that the margins and the lymph nodes he removed came back clean, so there’s no more cancer in her body and she won’t need chemo or radiation. There in the waiting room after the appointment, we held each other and our baby, and we cried once more.

Joey’s cervical cancer diagnosis comes just four months after the couple welcomed their baby Indiana Boon Feek. Joey + Rory revealed one month later in a blog post that she has down syndrome.   The couple is leaning on their strength in God to get through this journey.

“Yes, it has been quite a year for us so far. In the past six months, God has taken us places we never dreamed we would go,” Rory shares. “It’s been terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. We never know what tomorrow will bring… none of us do. But what an incredible journey life is. We are just going to continue to trust Him and hold to each other and… pedal, pedal!”

You can follow along on Joey + Rory’s journey on Rory’s This Life I Live Blog.

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