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Jimmy Wayne to Release Autobiography this Fall

Jimmy Wayne

Jimmy Wayne has written a story about a foster kid who was often homeless before making it big in country music. It’s his own story. Jimmy’s autobiography, “Walk To Beautiful,” will come out October 7th.

Jimmy, along with 14-time New York Times best-selling author Ken Abraham, tells the story of how his mentally ill mother took off with her lover, leaving Wayne alone at a bus station hundreds of miles from home at the age of 13. Jimmy spent many nights hungry and on the streets when he wasn’t in and out of the foster care system. An elderly couple took him in, giving him a stable home and an education.

“This book is a milestone in my entire career,” Jimmy tells Country Weekly. “I haven’t been this excited since I released my very first album in 2003. I’ve always wanted to share my story in songs, but that was kind of hard to get everything into three minutes. This book tells my entire life story, and I wrote it because I feel like it’s going to inspire people.”

You can pre-order your copy of “Walk to Beautiful” on here.

Jimmy Wayne Launches Online Pet Treat Store for a Good Cause

JW & Ruby @ Phoenix line

JW & Ruby @ Phoenix line

Country music star Jimmy Wayne’s rescued chihuahua is making headlines for a good cause. In honor of his furry friend, Ruby, whom he adopted in 2010, Wayne celebrates the launch of Ruby’s Pet Treats — an online pet treat store which gives dog owners the opportunity to make a positive impact while stocking up on their pet’s favorite snacks, treats and toys. A percentage of each item sold through Ruby’s Pet Treats benefits both The Humane Society of Genesee County in Michigan (a no-kill animal shelter) and Wayne’s Project Meet Me Halfway, which helps care for teens in foster care programs who are at risk for homelessness.

Though many know him for his No. 1 Country Billboard hit, “Do You Believe Me Now,” and Top Tens “Stay Gone,” and “I Love You This Much,” success didn’t come easy for Wayne. A victim of childhood abuse, abandonment and extreme poverty, he has used his success to launch programs like Project Meet Me Halfway and Ruby’s Pet Treats to help improve the lives of the underprivileged.

It was while walking halfway across the U.S., (from Nashville, Tenn. to Phoenix, Ariz.), as part of his Project Meet Me Halfway to raise awareness of the importance of improving the foster care system, that Wayne came across a different kind of foster child — a little chihuahua who had been rescued from a kill shelter. Wayne adopted her from her rescue family on April 1, 2010 and gave her the name Ruby. Today, with the launch of Ruby’s Pet Treats, he hopes to ensure both pets and youth are properly cared for and eventually find loving homes.

Ruby’s Pet Treats is in partnership with Cost Less Pet Treats, offering healthy, high-quality products at a competitive price. The store’s premiere product, and Ruby’s favorite savory snack, are the three-inch Peanut Butter Biscuits which come in a five-pack for $1.49.

Other products offered include those made exclusively in the U.S.A, rawhides, natural treats, gourmet treats, healthy choice treats, designer and stainless steel bowls, dog toys, among other items. Continental U.S. customers can enjoy free shipping on all orders.

To view the full list of products, visit

For more information on Jimmy Wayne and Project Meet Me Halfway, visit or

Jimmy Wayne Joins the Millionaires Club

Jimmy Wayne

CMTT wants to send a big Yahoo! to Jimmy Wayne. His 2008 single “Do You Believe Me Now” has been awarded the Millionaire Award for 1,000,000 radio plays world wide. The song was written by Tim Johnson, Dave Pahanish and Joe West and was the title track off Jimmy’s sophomore album.

Congrats Jimmy!! Here’s to many more (raises coffee cup).

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Top Country Tweets of the Week – Week of November 4th

Josh Kelley

10. Taking a break from the studio, @JoshBKelley went to the river with his daughter “Naleighs first fish on her super awesome sponge bob rod…shes world class angler !!!”

9. @KelliePickler isn’t having a kid yet, so she is going to focus on being Aunt Kellie “So happy my sister Courtney is in town for a few days. Still can’t believe she’s having a BABY!! & it’s a GIRL! #AuntKellieWillSpoilHer

8. The last few years @JimmyWayne has traveled and played with many people – this week he may have found a new favorite “writing in my journal: @CharlieDaniels is a great leader. He’s one of the nicest gentleman I’ve met in this music business. #icon

7. Read a few tweets from @FrankieBallard and you know he likes to have a good time “Serious questions on the road or in the studio are rarely answered seriously…we’re a sarcastic breed, us..”

6. Road life isn’t always glamorous – @BrettEldredge was back home for a show this week, but wasn’t able to fit a meal in “Bout to play the @opry at the Ryman downtown Nashville! If you are in the crowd, please throw me a BBQ sandwich, I’m starving!”


5. @JenniferNettles needs to stop stealing pumpkins or she will end of giving birth in jail “Guess what I am for Halloween……”

4. With a long road ahead of them, @LBTMusic hit a milestone with their wins Thursday night “We wanna say thank you to our fans for last night. We’ve had the most incredible 24 hrs of our career. It’s because of you! KKJP #CMAawards

3. Everytime I look @ZacBrownBand is gaining members and instruments – I wouldn’t want to wait for that bathroom backstage “Carrie Underwood looks amazing even without makeup. Totally unfair. We spend hours before each show to look this mediocre. #CMAawards”

2. @CarrieUnderwood was correct in her assumption at the end of this tweet – great show and great hosts “Good morning everyone! Happy CMA day! I woke up early excited thinking about our monologue. I think it’s going to be a great night!”

1. After a busy week in country music, @BlakeShelton, our Entertainer of the Year, summed it up best “I. Love. Country. Music!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all!!!!”

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Scotty B. – @stupidkid2150

Jimmy Wayne Speaks Up and Speaks Out

Paper Angels Jimmy Wayne

When someone becomes famous we as a society can only hope that this fame and fortune not only entertains us, but is used to touch the lives of others. In the case of the talented singer/songwriter Jimmy Wayne this is far and away the case. Some people just talk the talk, but Jimmy walks the walk…. literally! In 2010 he embarked on a life-changing walk across America to bring awareness to homeless youth. This walk started in Nashville, TN and ended in Phoenix, AZ, a 1,700-mile epic journey. This is dedication to a cause at it’s finest. Jimmy didn’t do this for publicity; he did it to change the lives of children. Jimmy is involved in many causes and advocates for issues that can benefit kids. In addition he has recently written a book called “Paper Angels,” which is inspired by his own story. CMTT had the chance to talk to Jimmy about the projects he is involved with.

CMTT:  You created Project Meet Me Halfway, and you are the National CASA spokesperson. Can you tell us a little bit about the mission of these organizations?

Jimmy Wayne: Project Meet Me Halfway’s mission is to generate awareness, not funds. I want to keep it clear and to the point, this is about raising awareness. We can raise numbers and dollars, but if we raise numbers and people and have people knowing about the issue at hand that is ultimately going to make a big difference. When the people speak and push and vote that makes change. CASA is also an extraordinary organization because it is made up of volunteers. There is no money involved; volunteers don’t get paid so you know the child’s best interest is in mind. When they are standing in the courtroom speaking up for a kid, the judge knows that that women or man has the very best interest of that child in mind. When I heard about CASA and how they operate I fell in love and knew that is what I wanted to be affiliated with because they are real. I had to prove myself to become a spokesperson; they had to learn who I was and what I was about.

CMTT:  You are an avid advocate for foster care children, adoption, at risk youth and homeless teens. What is an example of a single act of kindness that you have witnessed as an advocate for children?

JW: Actually one of the biggest things that has happened here in the last few months is getting a bill passed in the state of TN that extended foster care to age 21. It doesn’t cost much money, but what it does is helps many kids. If my numbers are correct, 258 children in the state of TN enrolled in college this year because this bill was passed. If this bill had passed the lives of those 258 people would have been different. They would have aged out of foster care and the statistics that surround these children when they don’t have help is startling. So seeing this one act of kindness by everyone involved in getting that bill passed was inspiring. We all worked together, we all did it. Because of everybody’s little piece and that one act of kindness, there are now 258 children going to college.

Jimmy is very passionate about these causes and believes the more people that know, the more awareness will spread.  For more information regarding the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program please visit

For more information on CASA please visit

Jimmy also started the Meet Me Halfway campaign to raise awareness for youth who “age out” of the foster care system and face serious problems. Visit to learn more and see how you can help.

Read PART 1 of our interview with Jimmy Wayne here.

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