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Jessica Harp-A Woman Needs

Jessica Harp’s first solo album will be out September 22nd.  A Woman Needs is a great kick-off for a singer who’s proven she’s got what it takes.  Jessica’s first single “A Boy Like Me” not only proved successful on the radio, but it attracted the likes of Keith Urban to play guitar on the track.

The title track, “A Woman Needs” is a catchy tune and echos the same good-time vibe of “A Boy Like Me.”  And although the song doesn’t show-off  Jessica’s beautiful range and power; there are plenty of other tracks on the album that do.  One of those is “Homemade Love.”  A breathy and beautiful love song.  Simple and pure, the harmonies with Vince Gill sing a perfect love song without the cheesy puns found in so many.

“Letting Go” is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  It’s almost haunting; telling a story of trying to move on into the future when your former flame won’t let you go.   “More to this than You” is the perfect follow-up song, and the title pretty much says it all.

Sure to be a fan favorite at live shows, “Break-Up Song” is quircky, fun, and relateable.  This is sure to be a break-up anthem among young ladies everywhere.

Jessica Harps debut album A Woman Needs is sure to be a hit.  The album tells a story of love and loss all with a classic country sound.  And even though fiddle is prominant and Jessica has a very tradition southern sound; A Woman Needs still comes across as young and fresh without lacking in maturity.  Keith Urban bandmate, Jerry Flowers co-wrote a few of the tracks with Jessica and also produced the album.  I’d say with Jerry, Keith, and Vince in her corner, Jessica will do just fine.

Jessica has decided to not pursue a career as a country music artist…Instead, Jessica will be concentrating on her songwriting.  A Woman Needs will be available on all digital music retailers on March 16th.  Get yourself a copy because you won’t be sorry.

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Jessica Harp’s Career Changes Direction

Jessica Harp took to her website today to make a very stunning announcement…Take a read below.

My sweet friends.

If someone had told me a couple years ago that I’d be sitting here writing you this letter I would’ve laughed. But as I’ve been through so much personally and professionally those last couple of years, and the older I get, I realize more and more how quickly time flies. How short life really is. And most of all, that change is ok, and sometimes for the best.

I’m writing to you with news that I’m certain you’re not expecting, and will most likely be very surprised by. After reading through your responses to my last post, I had a good long cry being the sap I am, knowing how wonderful you are and that I would be having to share with you something so unexpected. My hope is that you will understand and support what I’m about to tell you, just as you have lovingly and tirelessly supported me for so long. :wub:

Last week I announced to those in my professional world a decision that I only recently made in certainty. It’s a decision that began as a ‘what if?’ out of preparation, then slowly turned into ‘what if?’ out of personal necessity. It’s a decision that was long thought about, long discussed with those closest to me, long soul searched and prayed about. It wasn’t easy…until it came to feel right in one’s search for fulfillment and happiness. Until I realized a change of heart.

It’s with the certainty of choice, but the heavy heart of a woman who will mourn the closing of a very long chapter in her life that I tell you…I have decided at this point to stop pursuing my career as a recording artist and focus on songwriting full time.

The decision wasn’t easy and less easy to tell you guys. You, who have stood by me through the ups, downs and in betweens. Some who have supported me since I was just an independent singer/songwriter trying to follow my dream. Many who followed me through a blessings of success in a duo with my friend. Now through the rollercoaster that has been the transition from duo to solo artist, waiting patiently for songs to be written, a record to be made, songs and videos to be released. And that all elusive record with many assured timeframes of release followed by many pushes back. But I’m happy to tell you that thanks to WMG I get to leave you with a parting gift – A Woman Needs is finally going to be available for digital download (at all digital retailers) on March 16th.

The people in this community are the reason that I’ve loved doing my job. The people who have encouraged me continually through battles as well as achievements. The people at my shows, singing every word at the top of your lungs. YOU are why this career has been fulfilling to me. So for that, I can only tell you again – THANK YOU. I’ve appreciated you more than you’ll ever know, and have come to care so much for you. And the only regret I have in this decision is letting you down. Because you’ve never let me down.

I love music so much and I can’t imagine it not being a part of my life. And moving forward as a songwriter, I will hopefully be able to share my music through the voices of artists who DO have their hearts in what they’re doing. Of course I’ll miss being the one on stage seeing those smiling faces and always will. But I have memories to last a lifetime, and I’m at a point where I feel anything’s possible. I don’t think I’ve stepped on my last stage. But I know the stage is better left for others at this time.

I also realized I’ve had other passions and intrigues, some for a long time, others more recent. And I’ll have the opportunity to explore those now as well. It’s a new chapter for me. It’s not the end of the book, it’s just a new chapter. And it feels so nice to feel inspiration again.

So all that’s left for me to do other than begin writing the next chapter is to somehow try to express to you guys what you’ve meant and will always mean to me. But I don’t think there are words that make that fully possible. I just want you to know that you’ve meant so much to me, not just as an artist but as a woman. And you always, always will. And I don’t think this is the last time we’ll be in touch. Actually I know it’s not, because I’ve created an e-mail address just for you. 😀

Post any response you feel here, I’ll be sure to read it. But also feel free to e-mail me. I’ll check it, read and reply as my schedule allows. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a response, it just means don’t think you won’t if it takes me a little time. I’ve got a few irons in the fire now kitty cats. Oh, and I’ll still have my Twitter. And my YouTube Channel in case I decide to start a reality internet show from my living room or something. 😆

So now, with the support of my friends and family, my professional team and Warner Music Nashville…all I need is your blessing. And other than that, I only ask one other thing. My favorite thing about this group of people is seeing the bonds that have formed by people who may not have met otherwise. So after this site/board goes away (which won’t be immediately but I will let you know before it happens), promise me you’ll keep those bonds. And find another lucky artist to support, encourage and cherish the way you have me. And I tell ya, they’ll be damn lucky.

You are all beautiful souls and I love you. Thanks for being such a special part of my life. We’ll talk again.


Jessica-I’m happy you’ll still be involved in music, but I’m terribly sad that you won’t be on the stage. I LOVE your album, and I just knew big things were going to happen for you. We wish you much success!!

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Jessica Harp Gets a Tattoo For Her Latest Music Video

Jessica Harp's Tat

Jessica Harp is commemorating her newest music video for her debut album’s title track, “A Woman Needs” and her first solo album with a little ink.

“I wanted to get the tattoo because this song means more to me than any other song on the record,” Jessica says. “Every time I look at this, I’ll think of that song, I’ll think of my first solo record that I’m really proud of and I’ll think of the message of ‘A Woman Needs,’ which is to follow your dreams.”

We’ve heard Jessica’s new album and think it’s fantastic.  You can check out Jessica’s video for “A Woman Needs” on

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Jessica Harp Tells Us What “A Woman Needs”


Jessica Harp’s next single, “A Woman Needs” hits radio on Monday.  The title track off her upcoming debut solo album is a tale of self empowerment.

A Woman Needs is a really special song,” Jessica says. “It’s about women coming into their own and following their dreams, following their paths, and sometimes taking the path unknown. I think the obvious answer with me, the dream that I’ve followed, is the dream that I’ve had since I was three years old – to grow up to be a country singer.”

Jessica’s video will debut on on Monday. Until then, you can watch webisodes and use the code at the end of each to enter a contest on

Got some country music gossip and don’t wanna be a tattle tale? Email me, Tawny Tucker,

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