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Jeremy McComb Releases Fully Fan Funded EP

Jeremy McComb

Jeremy McComb is proud to bring fans a new full length release: “FM” – The latest since his successful independent EP, LEAP and the net will appear. McComb recorded the album with Grammy award-winning producer Jamie Tate, at the Rukkus Room studio in Nashville, TN. Tate came on board as a result of his passion for the project and the two instantaneously gelled creatively, making for a great musical fit.

The new music was completely fan-funded, a testament to McComb’s amazing fan base that has been cultivated through years of touring, along with great radio support on single releases. He was one of the very first artists ever to use the online live performance platform, the now popular All of these factors helped build an impressive following of fans and social followers. McComb first decided to try fan funding in 2011 with LEAP and the net will appear.

McComb has overcome many hurdles since his childhood in Post Falls, Idaho, working extremely hard to become the well-established artist he is today. He recently became the proud owner of his own music venue, “NASHVILLE NORTH” located in Stateline, ID – The first honky-tonk he performed in as a teenager which now hosts National acts.  McComb brings his experience as former Tour Manager for famed comedian Larry the Cable Guy and as the music director in radio in Spokane, WA, to give captivating performances, drawing in listeners with fiery passion and talent.

As a new artist, he signed a major record deal with Warner Music but left that label to follow his own path. He then signed to an independent label, where he enjoyed impressive sales and radio success before the label folded. After several years of getting snarled up and stalled out in record deals, McComb had come to a crossroads in his career and almost threw in the towel, when he realized that he had complete control over his own music. Early in Jeremy’s career a hit songwriter offered his advice on music city that rang true:  “This town either makes you bitter or better”.

Out of this realization FM was born.  McComb’s latest offering spotlights the quirky and intelligent entertainer’s best work to date.  “FM” features self-penned & co-written songs such as “Love Song” and “Your Fault” which (along with other cuts from the songsmith’s new release) have garnered him more than ONE MILLION streams online.  FM is available for pre-order NOW with a street date of January 1, 2016.

Jeremy McComb and Kourtney Hansen Tie the Knot!

Jeremy McComb

Songwriter/recording artist Jeremy McComb and Actress Kourtney Hansen were married in a private and intimate ceremony on Saturday May 4th at a historic home outside of Nashville.

The couple exchanged individually written vows in a ceremony officiated by close friend and singer/songwriter Rick Huckaby, who was ordained for the sole purpose of the nuptial.

McComb is currently in the studio finishing a new record and Hansen is a correspondent for CMT / The Nashville Predators and is a cast member (Emily) on ABC’s hit series, “Nashville.”

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LEAP and the Net Will Appear – Jeremy McComb

Jeremy McComb

A young Jeremy spent 7 years in stalled record deals and felt like his writing was getting him nowhere at one time.  Then in 2011 he decided not to write anymore and put his life and career where it needed to be – in his hands and in the hands of his fans.  Thanks to his fans and, a place where fans can fund an artist, he decided to produce his first debut CD “My Side of Town”.  For the first time Jeremy felt like his path was once again his own, not one designed by large labels and producers. He has taken the reins once again with this new album and is forging ahead on his own, taking his own risks, reaping his own rewards and living his life the way he intended it. “LEAP” really means taking the plunge in anything one does in life – taking the risk and just doing it and waiting for the net to appear!

Jeremy McComb can be found in Nashville mostly at The Wheel on Lower Broadway and the next time I’m in Nashville I will be looking for him!  His new venture, “Leap and the Net Will Appear”, available now on iTunes, is a collection of his works in a 7-song CD.

The CD opens with a rift of Bluegrass and fun, then breaks into “Unstable” – a collective song of instabilities within himself.  He calls himself a “helluva good time when the whiskey tastes right”.  He talks about getting wild, running hot then cold, and being like the dirt in California earthquakes.  He sounds like a good time to me – a little bit of a crazy musical artist!!

“5 to Midnight” is a ballad about breaking up and losing love.  It’s about what goes wrong in relationships.  Did we let love die? Sometimes it takes the kind of mess people make to open up their eyes.  It’s a good look into serious relationships and how things go wrong and maybe making one more try.  This song is thought-provoking for anyone in any kind of a relationship – the ones going bad and trying to save it, and the good ones  – making sure you don’t make a mess of it. Good song!

The album included “She Doesn’t Sing”, “Time”, “Sugar Cane”, “Easy as Breathin’” and “What A Daddy’s Gonna Say”.  Jeremy can be found on iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace as well as his own page at If you are close to Nashville or in town, stop in at the Wheel when he is there and enjoy the show!

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Contributor
CalamityAnnie1 on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace

Jeremy McComb Leaps at The Rutledge

McCombOVER Records’ Jeremy McComb treated fans and industry insiders alike to long-awaited music from his brand new EP, LEAP and the net will appear at The Rutledge in Nashville, TN.

McComb performed the show as a special “thank you” to his fans who helped make the project happen through donations using He has also been performing “live” from his living room on the popular online “virutal venue” and McComb’s performance from The Rutledge was also streamed live to his StageIt audience.

“My fans kept asking me for new music. I would perform it live for them but they always wanted to know when they could ‘have’ it. I knew I needed to find a way to record a new project and was perfect,” says McComb. “I’m very active online, I llike talking directly with my fans. If you see a Facebook status, a post on my website or a Tweet, it comes directly from me. I’ve been really fortunate to have built up a really good network of fans online and at my live shows. They asked me for new music, so I asked them for help and they came through for me. I’m also very appreciative of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey for sponsoring my showcase at The Rutledge and a big thanks goes out to the folks at Epiphone guitars for endorsing me as well,” says McComb.

Two of Jeremy’s fans REALLY came through for him. Kimberly and Andrew Beattie of Couture Cakes made a cake in the shape of Jeremy’s Epiphone guitar as well as an amp. They also constructed an actual Fireball bottle, complete with shot glasses, made out of sugar and traveled all the way from Chattanooga, TN to bring it.

LEAP and the net will appear was produced by McComb, Tim Lawter and Rusty Milner (former members of the Marshall Tucker Band) and includes songs co-written by McComb with Bart Allmand, Travis Howard, Kevin Kadish, Keesy Timmer among others. The EP is available on iTunes and other music sites.

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