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Top Country Tweets of the Week – Week of June 30th

Jason Aldean

Kacey Musgraves

10. @KaceyMusgraves is living her life on the edge…literally! “Have to open. #haveto

9. The road takes you all over – it took @RandyHouser outside of the continental US “Headed to Alaska for the first time.  Should be fun!”

8. In the news this week: Paula Deen’s drama – here’s Jason Jones’ (@Jonesville) take on it “Heard @walmart & @target are taking @Paula_Deen off their shelves. I wonder if they’ll take albums w/explicit lyrics off their shelves, too?”

7. Country fathers are also the toughest fathers as @JamesOtto proves “It’s rough raising a daughter. A little boy threw sand in my daughters eyes on the play ground & I wanted to shake him like salt shaker”

6. @BrettEldredge has a dangerous job – never know when you might get some soap in the eye!  “So um, I just discovered how difficult it is to take a shower on a bus that is driving in LA traffic…that was interesting…”


5. It’s fair and festival season, which means mother nature controls some shows – like Little Big Town (@LBTmusic) this week “Thanks for hanging in there after the storm. We had an amazing time. Love country music fans!!!”

4. After years of great music, @JakeOwen has finally hit a high in his career! “Huge thanks to all my fans and friends at Country Radio for my 4th #1 in a row off Barefoot Blue Jean Night album. New music comin’ soon!!”

3. You know you’re country when… by @BlakeShelton “Statement just made in the Shelton household: “After you throw that snake out please get the scorpion off the door!!! #country

2. She took a while to make it into the twitterverse, but I think @CarrieUnderwood is here to stay “Wow! Two million followers…what a great way to start the day! 🙂 Thanks, all you lovely people!”

Jason Aldean

1. Maybe we will see a new face on Duck Dynasty next season! @Jason_Aldean tweeted “Takin over @williebosshog office at the @Duck_Commander / @Buck_Commander headquarters. New sheriff in town son!!!”

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Top Country Tweets of the Week – Week of March 18th

Jason Jones

10. Jason Jones (@Jonesville) has been hitting the road hard the last few years to gain some recognition. According to his fortune, 2012 is his year. “Confucius say…”

9. Some say that radio has become too vulgar, but according to @FrankieBallard, it may be even harder to say certain words on the airwaves “Remember that song, I wanna sex you up….how’d they get away with that? We can’t even say ass…”

8. With Saturday being St. Patrick’s Day, I had to include this tweet from @BrettEldredge “Don’t judge if I drink a green beer today, the skittle eatin leprechaun dude made me do it”

7. I agree with @LauraBellBundy that there is no place like home, but she may need Depends to offset that feeling “I’m so happy to be back in my home in Nashville that I think I just pee’d a little! #happiness

6. What would be cooler than @JakeOwen asking your date to prom? He did just that this week in the following series of tweets. “Hey @larissa_lewisss. My name is Jake. We’ve never met, but I have a question for you. Hope to hear from you, -J” “‘@larissa_lewisss: hey jake! What’s the question?’ @tylermiles14 wants you to go to prom w/ him. I said I’d ask u if he treated you nice” “‘@larissa_lewisss: @jakeowen @tylermiles14 Yes,of course!!!! You can tell Tyler he has a date! :)))’ Tyler, you owe me. You’re welcome bro”

Toby Keith

5. @TobyKeithMusic now shares something in common with Lady A – underwear. Charles, Dave, and Hillary have been spotted many times with their Ellen underwear, and now Toby has a pair “Just taped the @TheEllenShow & Ellen gave me some underwear. Check it out – t”

4. Over the last 10 years, @MartinaMcBride has seen a lot, but this may be a first for her “Dear Guy Standing In The Middle Of The Road While Your Dog Takes A Dump On The Grass, Please do not stand in the middle of the road. Thank u”

3. If you’ve ever been to a @JoeNichols show, you would know that he has a tendency to get off topic. This week he got tested to see if this was ADD. Here’s what he had to say “They gave me a 144 question test to see if I was A.D.D…….now we’ll never know”

2. Sometimes in the midst of @BlakeShelton’s drunkenness, we forget the little things. He tweeted this to us “I love y’all… Really.”

Dierks Bentley on WhoSay
1. This week, a few stars went down under to visit Aussie country music fans. It has provided a learning experience for @DierksBentley “just when u think you’re getting a pretty good handle on the aussie slang and inside jokes… this. translation?!”

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Scotty B. –
Twitter @stupidkid2150

Top Tweets of the Week – Christmas Edition

Brett Eldredge

10. @BrettEldredge made it home, but it was a LONG car ride! At least he will be with family for Christmas. “ Over the river and through the woods Ive never been so claustrophobic in my life! Jammed in headed home for Christmas!”

9. Hopefully Jason Jones (@Jonesville) can turn this into his new years resolution.  We here at @CMTT wish you the best “About to board a plane and fly away for Christmas…tobacco free for over two weeks now! Wish me luck, I may need it.”

8. Everyone wants different things for Christmas, but @LauraBellBundy is keeping it digital – follow her to make her wish come true “On the 1st day of Xmas, my tweeters gave to me… 1,000 new followers & a partridge in a pear tree. #alliwant4xmas

7. Sometimes we forget the reason for the season, but @DannyGokey sent out this reminder “CHRISTMAS is C-hrist’s H-istoric, R-emarkable I-ncarnation S-tory, T-elling M-essiah’s A-waited S-alvation.”

6. Since he still attends high school, @ScottyMcCreery was able to make the last day of school before break a fun one by using his fame to rally his classmates. “EVERYBODY wear a christmas sweater tmrrw! We’re all doing it! Don’t be that guy/ or girl, thats not doing it, hahah!”

5. Oh, the joys of last minute shopping. @ChrisYoungMusic tweeted “Going Christmas shopping…. Someone pray for me…”

4. There is nothing harder than waiting for Christmas, but @JoeDonRooney of Rascal Flatts had a good way of counting down the days. “I love Mondays… when it’s the Monday before Christmas!: )”

3. When Little Big Town asked what everyone was buying for Christmas, @MartinaMcBride shared her daughter’s list full of goodies that any kid would love “On Ava’s list to Santa: chocolate fountain, popcorn machine, dippin’ dots maker, cotton candy machine! What the heck????”

2. @BlakeShelton continued his Holiday Help tweets this week. I do not suggest following his help “Holiday Help… by Blake Shelton Hate being asked to do the dishes after Christmas dinner? Drop some of moms fine china.. Hello football!!”

Taylor Swift

1. I have a hard enough time even wrapping presents! @TaylorSwift13 takes it to a whole new level “I get sort of crafty when I wrap gifts. Like.. I had to stop when I found myself hot-gluing Christmas figurines on”

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Top Tweets of the Week – Week of November 13th

10. Celebrities were flocking into Nashville this week, which led to a little mess-up in traffic. Jason Jones (@Jonesville) posted this “Dear Mr. Vice President, thank you for flying into Nashville RIGHT BEFORE I have to pick someone up at the airport.”

9. The CMA’s played host to many collaborations and @MattNathanson realized what he was getting himself into when he arrived in Nashville. “it’s rapidly dawning on me how big a f***ing deal the CMAs are in this town #iamindenial”

8. After coming off of American Idol, @DannyGokey has been able to make his charity, Sophia’s Heart, come to life. He posted this amazing tweet this week “Tomorrow we are taking in a new homeless family off the streets & into Sophia’s Heart. Trying to get 2 more families by the end of the year!”

7. Country artists are grateful for having the jobs they have, but @CoreySmithMusic’s child doesn’t think his father even works! “I just had a debate with my 5 yr old about whether or not songwriting counts as work. He won. “If you like it, it’s not work.” #kidwisdom”

6. By now @KelliePickler is used to being uncomfortable at awards shows, but she is trying to change that! “At my dress fitting for the CMA’s…wouldn’t it be nice if it were the “Comfy Music Awards”…pajamas down the red carpet…no?”

5. Recently someone new has come into @TaylorSwift13’s life. Her cat that is so cute that Katy Perry said recently she wants to steal it. “My thank you’s. And my cat. Good night!”

4. After the awards show, @MartinaMcBride may have accidentally slept in, but she is still a great mom! “I tucked my 6 yr old back in bed w/me this morning and we both slept in. #thingsyoudoafteralatenight #shewaslatetoschool #motheroftheyearnot”

3. Even though the competition of getting an ward was in full force, artists still found a way to express their admiration for others; as @BradPaisley does here: “I will be changing my name to “The Band Paisley” tomorrow.”

2. The mega-couple of Blake & Miranda had a great night at the CMA Awards. @BlakeShelton posted this to express his gratitude “Thank y’all soooooooooo much!!!!!!! I can’t believe this sh*t!!!”

1. Country music might just have a new female superstar taking over. It seems Miss Piggy has made her way to many pictures on twitter including this one with Jennifer Nettles of @SugarlandMusic “Met an icon today at the #CMA Country Christmas taping! Just two girls getting ready for the holidays… – J”

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