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Top Country Tweets of the Week November 16th-22nd

dierks tweet

  1. @DierksBentley thanks y’all for bday wishes. been hanging with @LukeBryanOnline and some friends out in the woods. been a good day.
  1. @bretteldredge Writing a deep song about a girl on an airplane and this lady keeps leaning over and askingme about the lyrics

kacey musgraves tweet

  1. @KaceyMusgraves It’s really happenin’, y’all! I feel like a Spice Girl. Tonight! ROYAL ALBERT HALL. SOLD OUT!

austin webb tweet

  1. @austinlwebb Eric church + Tim McGraw = David Arquette #countrymath

brad paisley tweet

  1. @BradPaisley VERY Random selfie at #savethechildren event. @drsanjaygupta @oliviawilde, and photobomb by Jennifer Garner.
  1. @blakeshelton And your Oklahoma weather for today… Cloudy and cooler with north winds from 10 to HOLYSHIT! mph…
  1. @martinamcbride Family night on the bus!
  1. @charleskelleyla can I please eat my turkey and stuffing before we start talking Christmas gifts already please corporate machine.

carrie underwood tweet

  1. @carrieunderwood Getting ready for the #AMAs selfie time! Who’s ready? It’s going to be fun!!! Let’s do this!

Charlie Daniels tweet

  1. @CharlieDaniels Cabinet meeting

Top Country Tweets of the Week November 9th-15th

blake shelton tweet

  1. @blakeshelton Just setting here in a tree thinking about the fact that I’ve gone Hollywood…
  1. @bretteldredge My eyeballs feel like they are incapable of dealing with all of the world this morning…nap time

miranda lambert tweet

  1. @mirandalambert Never too old to ride a unicorn…🦄 And thank God for friends that spend the day with you painting…

austin webb tweet

  1. @austinlwebb Selfie Sunday with my Fiancé Melanie #selfiesunday

kacey musgraves tweet

  1. @KaceyMusgraves When Texas meets Royalty. #casual
  1. @BradPaisley Proud of Disney &Star Wars for granting Daniel Fleetwood’s wish & showing him the movie before he passed. That’s what it’s all about folks.
  1. @davidnail I used lifesavers to help me get off cigarettes, but you know for your love I ain’t found no lifesaver yet! = Old Habits
  1. @ScottyMcCreery My man infront of me is sawing some logsss this mornin! Holyy molyyy.. We aint even taken off yet dude!!

carrie underwood tweet

  1. @carrieunderwood Oh, I remember these!!! #ImAtAPayphone #London #LondonCalling
  1. @CharlieDaniels The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

Top Country Tweets of the Week November 2nd-9th

miranda tweet

  1. @mirandalambert Hot coffee #unicornmug #fireplaceseason
  1. @austinlwebb “Don’t lay a finger on my butterfinger” “leggo my eggo” … A butterfinger eggo waffle would make a stingy ass kid

blake tweet

  1. @blakeshelton Hey everybody!!! Just checking in to make sure @adamlevine still looks like a scrubbing bubble.. Yep!!

frankie tweet

  1. @FrankieBallard “Memphis” and I in Hollywood.
  1. @GettinSweenered I think I just died and went to music heaven #ChrisStapleton #morganestapleton #JT
  1. @charleskelleyla I don’t know if it’s the getting old or the getting dark at 5 that’s making me wanna go to be so early

kelsesa tweet

  1. @KelseaBallerini NBeing mature with @MickeyGuyton at @CountryMusic Christmas.
  1. @FLAGALine Now we have to follow that. Yikes!!! #Timberlake #Stapleton

carrie underwood tweet

  1. @carrieunderwood Thanks for the awesome mic stand, @IamStevenT! Can’t wait to see what it’s for… #IsThisThingOnST #Nov9

charlie daniels tweet

  1. @CharlieDaniels Department of Justice officials who are investigating Hillary Clinton’s E mail server.

Charlie Daniels and The Journey Home Project Help MTSU Open Veterans and Military Family Center


Photo by: J. Intintoli

Middle Tennessee State University’s Veterans and Family Center has officially opened its doors. The 2,600-square-foot facility, which will serve approximately 1,000 student veterans and family members, was unveiled in a special grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, November 5, featuring plenty of fanfare, including special remarks from country music superstar Charlie Daniels. Daniels’ 501(3)(C) non-profit, The Journey Home Project, donated $50,000 from funds raised at his 40th Anniversary Volunteer Jam at the Bridgestone Arena on August 12 to help equip the new center.

According to LTG (Ret) Keith M. Huber, Senior Advisor for Veterans and Leadership Initiatives at MTSU, a portion of the donated funds from The Journey Home Project have gone to create a state-of-the-art video teleconferencing room where veterans and their families will be able to conduct interviews with potential employers and host meetings with VA services around the globe. The remaining proceeds were used for the training of the faculty and staff of the new facility so that they may effectively meet students’ personalized needs.

Daniels said,

“For over two centuries now, we have sent the cream of American youth off to stand between us and those that would like nothing better than to destroy us, and our way of life, and yet, in the face of adversity, incompetence and sometimes downright indifference, the men and women in uniform didn’t complain and have never failed to do their duty no matter what accursed corner of the planet it takes them to. My dear and patriotic friends we owe our veterans an unpayable debt of gratitude. Unfortunately, that debt is not being paid. I submit to you that our government has no more important business to conduct than making sure that those who fight our wars, all of our wars, receive whatever care they require, be it medical, educational or just good sound advice.”

“We are here today to make a difference in the lives of our veterans. We are here today to say that we the people are willing to help shoulder the load to help take up the slack, to accept the mission to help those who have given so much to transition back to civilian life,” he added.

According to MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee, the new Veterans and Military Family Center at the university will be “the singular location on our campus where student-veterans will find everything they need for success, from scheduling courses and getting help with paperwork to getting help navigating the array of veteran benefits and discovering employment opportunities.”

“Most important, it will be a place for them to study, gather and meet and to get help from fellow veterans who will serve as peer advisors and sponsors,” McPhee said.

Photo by: J. Intintoli

Photo by: J. Intintoli

Other notable speakers during the ceremony included LTG (Ret) Keith M. Huber, Dr. H. Stephen Smith, professor in the MTSU School of Music, John Morgan, Chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents, Dr. Russ Deaton, Executive Director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, COL (Ret) Many-Bears Grinder, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs, and Mr. Sloan D. Gibson, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Daniels’ closing remarks evoked passionate applause from the packed theater of veteran students, faculty and community members. He said,

“This center is dedicated to the purpose of cutting through the reams of paperwork, the miles of red tape, the meaningless studies and the bureaucratic crap. To supply hands on guidance through the maze of government assistance, pointing out the right direction and giving help on educational needs, mental health needs and just every day good advice by people who care and people who have been there and done that. Here we go, what can we do for you? How can we help? Thank you, God bless our veterans. God bless America.”

For more information about Charlie Daniels, visit For more on the 501(3)(C) non-profit The Journey Home Project, visit

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