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Top Tweets of the Week – Week of October 16th

Hunter Hayes' photo Got it:) it's official! 10/11/11 is here and it's out!!!!!
Hunter Hayes on WhoSay

10. The extremely talented @HunterHayes released his debut CD this week. I encourage you to check it out – Hunter played all 24 instruments and has co-producing credits! “Got it:) it’s official! 10/11/11 is here and it’s out!!!!!”

9. @FrankieBallard released this poem on his twitter that has a truthful, but alarming end! “traffic on the streets, traffic everyday, ate to many cheesburgers and worried about traffic my whole life, now theres traffic in my veins”

8. It has been a whirlwind year for @TheBandPerry – from hit singles to going on tour with the biggest stars of country music! “Blowing out the candle…celebrating the one year release of our first album! Endless love and thanks.”

7. With Halloween right around the corner, @BrettEldredge has begun decorating (or at least trying to decorate). “When carving a pumpkin, I usually try to make the eyes huge & eventually it just ends up being a cyclops pumpkin..I’m no Martha Stewart”

6. Hunter was not the only newcomer with a release this week. American Idol’s @Lauren_Alaina also released her debut CD. “Good morning America(: up super early today for album release week! I love y’all! Thank you so much for everything you do for me

5. Carrie Underwood and @BradPaisley have a unique relationship, but I want to know what payback Carrie has after Brad posted this: “Hadn’t seen Gooberwood in a while, til today. She looks…uh… healthy.”

4. And now time for a Public Service Announcement from @Bomshel “$2.75 Trojans, or $19.99 Huggies? You decide.”

3. Being a well known artist, there are many questions from fans. Some of @Miranda_Lambert’s fanbase is also curious about other artists. “Quote from a 4 year old boy in meet and greet ” hi….do u have Taylor Swifts number?” haha. So hi from Riley in WA @taylorswift13”

2. @DierksBentley has always done a lot for charity. This year, he did two “Miles for Music” concerts; the first in Chicago! “@US99Chicago thx guys. what a day. chicago area country fans and motorcycle riders helped raise close to 150k for children’s hospital.”

1. I am glad I live in Wisconsin and do not have to worry about this when I wake up – @BlakeShelton “And THIS is why I check inside my boots every morning.. Welcome to southern Oklahoma!!!”

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If you have any Tweet of the Week suggestions let me know!
Scotty B.
Twitter @stupidkid2150

Top Tweets of the Week – Week of October 2nd

10. If you haven’t caught @WhitneyDuncan Wednesdays on CBS, be sure to tune in! “It’s crazy to think that I lived here for awhile…I miss it…”

9. It seems like the girls from @Bomshel always have a hard time in the airport. Once it was a sticker that said Bomshel and now this – “In reference to someones phone beeping-” man, someone is getting blown up, oh wait…I shouldn’t say that on an airplane.””

8. @DannyGokey has become one of my favorite twitters to be following. Here is just one of the great things he said this week. “The 3 C’s of life…Choice, Chance, Change.. You must make the Choice to take the Chance if u want anything to Change.”

7. This tweet includes my #HashtagOfTheWeek! @LauraBellBundy spoke about her love for a mineral. “Newly discovered pet peeve: I hate it when restaurants don’t put salt in the table. #imfromthesouthandievensaltsalt”

6. @BrettEldredge goes for a jog no matter where he is, as proved by this tweet. “Bout to on a jog around what I’m told can be rattle snake Territory… Hmmmm… Luckily I’m feeling fast as lightning…”

5. It was the end of @BradPaisley’s tour last week, which brought plenty of pranks along with it! “Look who’s here tonight. Hopefully @ScottyMcCreery is learning how NOT to behave on tour…”

4. Superstar @MartinaMcBride has been keeping busy preparing for a CD release, but it sounds like she will be planning even more for her fans! “I have so much cool stuff going on in the next 2 months I’m freaking out (in a good way). Hang on folks! #Iwillbetweetingeveryday”

3. The joys of fame – @Miranda_Lambert was recently on “Tom’s Wild Life” on GAC when she saw this “Oh Lord dad wrote a song about toms moms thong…..and its in tv….um….my friends and family are not all there…really!”

2. One thing about @TaylorSwift13 fans is that they love all genres of music. Those in Atlanta were thrilled to see her special guest that night! “I got to say ‘peace up, A-town down’ in atlanta then @UsherRaymondIV came out and sang ‘Yeah!’ with me. I’m thinking ‘is this real life?’”

1. @DierksBentley proves that whether its his first number 1 or 8th, fans still mean a lot to him. “headed to my #1 party for AM I THE ONLY ONE. thinking about all our hard core fans out there that made this happen. love you guys.”

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If you have any Tweet of the Week suggestions let me know!
Scotty B.
Twitter @stupidkid2150

Top Tweets of the Week – Week of June 26th

10. After recently losing the cowboy hat look, it seems that @ChrisYoungMusic will br trying out many different looks.  I would say no to this one! “Me as Justin Bieber’s older brother… Haha”  

9. I think @BrettEldredge should use this as a Halloween costume! “If I was an “Angry Bird” I’d definitely be the green one that does the crazy flips… That one doesn’t mess around! Just sayin”

8. I love hearing random facts and @JayDeMarcus sent us this random fact the other day “Today is the 8 year anniversary of Joe Don’s butt debuting in the Melt video… Random fact.”

7. It has been quite a while since we have seen @PhilVassar tweeting, but last night after one of the best concerts I have ever been to, Phil tweeted this “Enjoying a ‘victory cigar’ after one hell of show at Summerfest. Thanks to everybody who made it out! Off to St. Louis.”

6. Rising to fame isn’t always glamorous, as @Bomshel tweeted “I got bit by a toothless man with one leg last night. Serious. He walked right on stage and bit me. I love my job!!! -kris”

5. The newest duet between @BradPaisley and Carrie Underwood is quickly rising in the charts.  Soon there will be a music video to accompany the song! “Filming a little music video today with Gooberwood.”  

4. I wish @Miranda_Lambert would stop teasing us with album updates!  I keep waiting for an announcement with  a release date! “Headed to the desert. Doing the photo shoot for the new record. Tomorrow will be long hot and awesome!:)”

3. If you question what @BlakeShelton is, he tells you in one tweet! “Im a country singer. Part time coach. Full time Blake. Don’t like it? Well.. By all means, bitch at me so I can point out your dipshitness..”

2. If there is one band that knows how to treat their fans, it is @SugarlandMusic which is why they are able to tweet this “Wow. Did we mention we have the #BestFansInTheWorld? Thank you for sharing these moments with us. YOU are Incredible. #LOVE #youdamnright

1. @TaylorSwift13 experiences breathtaking feats every night.  This one only takes one word to describe!  She tweeted: “Woah.”  

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If you have any Tweet of the Week suggestions let me know!

Scotty B. –

Top Tweets of the Week – Week of May 29th

10. This week @ChuckWicksMusic did a little hunting.  What’d he catch? An Alligator! “12ft 700lbs plus!!! With a Bow!!! Wow!!”  

9. Every once in a while people get a little immature.  @TheJoshThompson had his moment this week. “Wrote with the guy who wrote “Oh Mickey”! I couldn’t help but sing that song and clap, all day. I think he got angry.”

8. Two movies took over the theatres last week.  @LauraBellBundy gives us her reviews “Loved Hangover 2 too. Zach G’s random one liners kill me! But ‘Bridesmaids’ won for making me lose my $hi* w/ laughter!”

7. As a touring act, you visit cities that you are not familiar with.  @BrettEldredge went for a run and hoped for the best.  “Joggin around, no idea where Im going..If you see me hitchhiking around Hartford, please take me back to the Venue:) I swear I dont bite”

6. “The Voice” star @BlakeShelton also tweeted about touring – this time the downsides of touring. “Morning conversation: “Hey man u got a second? Can u give me the number of the guy who booked me in L.A. then Virginia Beach BACK TO BACK?!!”

5. @TaylorSwift13 is always looking for new things to improve her style.  Yesterday, she found the next big thing in the hair department.  “Tonight these awesome girls gave me some of their light up fiberoptic hair clips. Light up hair??? What??!”  

4. Only in the country music community do you find so much support from other artists! @Miranda_Lambert tweeted “Just watched Ashton Shepard sing Look It Up! My pistol Annie gal pal Ang wrote it! Y’all request it.I want it to go number 1! I Love it!”

3. I think @BlakeShelton should be listening to this tweet from @Bomshel “Think before you drink guys… Alcohol is a drug. When mixed with anything it can be a poisen. Love yourself and ur liver more than this!!”

2. @KelliePickler’s brother is headed out to the middle east.  This is what she asks of you “Y’all say a lil prayer for my brother in law….he just got deployed to the middle east today. #ARMY

1. In the spirit, I put @BradPaisley’s tweet at #1 “Thank you military men and women, and your families, for your sacrifice.”

We have a new face to the Twitterverse.  Kenny Rogers is the latest person to join the social networking site.  Follow him at @_KennyRogers

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If you have any Tweet of the Week suggestions let me know!

Scotty B.

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