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Aaron Lewis Takes on Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy”

Tyler Farraaron-lewis

Tyler Farr may have a hit single with “Redneck Crazy” but fellow country artist Aaron Lewis is NOT a fan. In fact, he’s even been performing a response to “Redneck Crazy” written by a buddy of his.

Feel free to watch the video…however, take note that the language is pretty darn harsh.

Aaron seems a tad bitter that “Redneck Crazy” hit no. 1 and also earned Tyler an ACM New Artist of the Year nomination.

What do you think of the song?

Aaron Tippin is Taking Country Music To Japan and U.S. Military Bases in Korea

Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin Aaron Tippin

Every year in the month of October, Japanese country music fans gather in the volcano town of Kumamoto, Japan for the “Country Gold Festival”.   This year Aaron Tippin will be headline the 25th Anniversary of that event.   Other artists include  Daryle Singletary, Anita Cochran, Robyn Young and Charlie Nagatani & The Cannonballs.

This tour is two-fold.  On his 12 day tour, Tippin will perform for the diehard country music fans in Japan and then head over to Korea to entertain U.S. military.   Expected attendance for the Country Gold Festival which is held at Aspecta at the base of Mt. Aso (an active volcano) will be over 5,000. The “Country Gold Festival” is the only annual country music festival in Japan. Judy Seale International is the exclusive U.S producer for the “Country Gold” event and has been since its inception in 1989.

Following his performance in Japan, Tippin will visit U.S. Military Troops deployed to Korea.   Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) sponsors the tour for the troops to Korea in conjunction with Stars for Stripes.   Performances will be held at at Army and Air Force installations throughout the entire Peninsula.

Tippin’s first tour for the troops was at the invitation of the legendary Bob Hope in 1990 during the first Gulf War. He followed up a few years later with a tour to Afghanistan and Qatar.  From 2005-2011, Aaron spent his Thanksgiving holidays entertaining troops in either Iraq or Afghanistan. During December 2012, he entertained troops in the Netherlands and Germany.

Get all the details about Aaron you can visit

Aaron Tippin Brings FIFI to Tennessee – Photo of the Day

Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin

The iconic B-29 Superfortress FIFI flew into Smyrna Airport today for a 6 day visit with country music’s own Aaron Tippin at the controls. FIFI was accompanied by the C-45 Expeditor and PT-13 Stearman.

Tippin, a CAF member and spokesperson for the organization, has been flying with the Commemorative Air Force for 5 years.

“I guess I have been flying since I was 4 years old when my daddy let me take the controls, “Aaron said. Flying runs in the family blood, even with his two sons as well.


The Boeing B-29 Superfortress began active duty at the end of World War II in 1944 as a replacement for the B-17’s and B-24’s. The B-29 had longer range and greater bomb loads which was necessary for operations in the pacific theater, and was the first bomber with a pressurized cabin, electronic fire control systems, and remote controlled gun torrents. The B-29 is best known for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which resulted in Japan’s surrender. The B-29 continued its service during the Korean War and was retired in 1960.

The CAF aircraft will be on display from today through July 7th. Hours of operation are from 2 PM – 6:30 today, and from 9 AM – 6:30 PM July 3-7. Cost of admission is $10 per person, and $20 for family admission (mom, dad, and children under 17) Children 10 and under are free. Cockpit tours of the B-29 are included in the admission price when the aircraft is not in motion.

Rides are available on the aircraft. The B-29 will fly at 9 AM, and 10:30 AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The C-45 will fly on demand throughout the event.

Ride prices start at $65 for the C-45 and $595 for the B-29. There is a discount if you reserve online. Ride reservations may be made at or call (432) 413-4100.

Aaron Tippin’s Amazing Abs

aaron tippin


aaron tippin

On July 3rd Aaron Tippin will be having a birthday but you would never know by looking at him that he will be turning fifty-five years old this year. He is the fittest man in country music. Tippin has been taking care of himself with exercise and nutrition for over 30 years. Aaron and his wife Thea have a nutrition line called Aaron Tippin Nutrition and it is not just a gimmick, to Aaron and Thea it is a lifestyle that they want to share with others.

By looking at Tippin’s physic and how he runs around on stage like he is twenty-five years old you can tell he is in the best shape of his life.

Aaron and his wife Thea workout together. She has been his training partner for many years. Living well and making good nutritional decisions is a family affair.

Tippin attributes living well to his nutrition products and says, “I feel as good as ever and ready for 55 more birthdays.”

Visit Aaron online and check out

Aaron Tippin to Pilot World’s Only Flying B-29 Superfortress to Nashville

Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin

Nashville residents will witness a rare sight Tuesday, July 2, when the Commemorative Air Force’s (CAF) famous Boeing B-29 Superfortress comes to town. FIFI, the only remaining flying example of the aircraft in the world, will fly into Smyrna Airport for a 6 day stay. Country music celebrity and accomplished airman Aaron Tippin will be flying copilot when the airplane arrives. Tippin, a CAF member and spokesperson for the organization, is part of the B-29 crew and also flies their B-24 Liberator. The B-29 will be accompanied by the P-51 Mustang Gunfighter and other historic military airplanes including a C-45 Expeditor and PT-13 Stearman. The aircraft will be on display at the airport through July 7 for cockpit tours and rides.

Tippin dedicates his time and talent appearing and performing at various Commemorative Air Force events across the country, including the Red, White & Loud Tour celebrating America’s freedom through song and the flight of this iconic warbird, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, FIFI.

“For me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to bring aviation enthusiasts and country fans together,” says Aaron, “I’m blessed because my kind of country music is patriotic and all-American. My involvement with the CAF caters to both aviation and country music enthusiasts.”

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress, first flown in 1942, began active service in 1944 and is perhaps best known as the aircraft whose missions over Japan helped bring about the end of World War II. It was designed as a replacement for the older B-17s and B-24s, with longer range and greater bomb loads. The B-29 was also used in the Korean War in the early 1950s and was a staple of the U.S. Air Force until the late 1950s.

Aviation visionary Sarah Wilson will accompany the tour in Nashville with her Stearman Speedmail, recreating the magic and excitement of aviation in the 1930s. This 1929 airplane is the oldest surviving Stearman Model 4 Speedmail and is a real life celebrity vehicle. Originally delivered to the Richfield Oil Company on October 28, 1929, this plane was the flagship for the Jimmie Allen Flying Club based on the popular radio program The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen. The Jimmie Allen radio series and Flying Club were important tools and greatly influenced the generation that would fly in WWII.

The event, located at 238 Doug Warpolle Road in Smyrna, is open to the public and will allow attendees to get up close to these famous military aircraft. Gates are open from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Admission cost for the event is $10 per person and $20 for mom, dad and kids. Cockpit tours in the B-29 are included and will be available when the airplane is not in motion. There are opportunities for attendees to purchase a ride in the airplanes. Visit for more information about the tour schedule and to make ride reservations. The cost for airplane rides ranges from $65 to $1995. There is a discount for seats purchased on line.

The mission of the Commemorative Air Force is to honor the men and women who built, maintained and flew in these airplanes during World War II. The organization believes that mission is best accomplished by maintaining the airplanes in flying condition; taking the airplanes to the people allowing them to experience the sight and sound of the aircraft in flight.

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