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Jenny Gill Showcases Family with “The House Sessions”

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Singer-songwriter Jenny Gill recently released an EP titled “The House Sessions” that was a labor of love. Recorded in her father’s home studio, Gill drew inspiration from all of the men in her life – her father Vince, her husband Josh, and her son Wyatt.

My family is everything. This whole recording process wouldn’t have been possible without my dad. He really put a lot of time and energy into this project and I’m very grateful. We took our time recording. Dad likes to let things simmer. He lets the songs kind of evolve.

As the daughter of world-renowned musicians Vince Gill and Janis Oliver (Sweethearts of the Rodeo), Jenny was hesitant to explore her own music.

When you grow up with Vince Gill in the house, you kinda wanna see what other things you can do besides playing the guitar that you could be really, really good at, because he’s just the best.

She harbored a fear of criticism, which initially held her back from pursuing a career as an artist. One of the most introspective and vulnerable tracks on the project is “Your Shadow.” It took Jenny 3 years before she would even play the worktape of that song for anyone. And when she finally played it for Amy Grant, she was encouraged to take that leap of faith and release her own music.

But it ultimately took the innocent words of her little boy to make it happen. Jenny’s 2 year old son, Wyatt, started asking her to play “Momma music” in the car. That motivation was the final push that she needed.

Wyatt really gave me the confidence to put it out there and see what would happen.

And when Jenny did hit the studio, she was extremely intentional with her song selection for “The House Sessions” EP. She started with 11 songs and ultimately ended up with 6.

I didn’t wanna release a full length album that had filler in it. I just wanted to pick the songs that felt like the best songs and they all mean something to mean and I’m really proud of it.

Track list:

  1. Lonely Lost Me
  2. Look Where Loving You Landed Me
  3. Whiskey Words
  4. Lean on Love
  5. Your Shadow
  6. The Letter

The soulful songs give listeners an inside look into Jenny’s life, with perhaps one exception:

I’m a dork. I am my father’s child. In the moment, what’s in my brain, is what’s coming out!

Looking ahead, Jenny is taking things one step at a time while balancing her career with being an active mom and wife.

I don’t wanna look back and wish I had tried harder.

For more information about Jenny and “The House Sessions” EP, go to

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