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The Dixie Chicks Bring Girl Power To Nashville… THANK GOD!

dixie chicks

The Dixie Chicks made their triumphant return to Nashville this week, performing to a sold-out Wednesday night crowd at Bridgestone Arena. The girls made no apologies for their absence, in fact, barely commented on it at all; treating it like any other DCX MMXVI Tour stop.

“Hello Nashville!” Front chick Natalie Maines jeered. “Long time no see.”

And a long time it has been. Fifteen years to be exact since country radio shunned and so-called fans hosted CD burnings all because the chicks said they were ashamed President Bush and them shared the home state of Texas.

I have to say, I never understood it. People say much much worse and are cheered and revered. Instead the Chicks were ousted, before giving country the middle finger with their Grammy win for “Not Ready to Make Nice.” The ladies of CMTT stayed true, proudly playing our Dixie Chicks music, fingers crossed for a reunion that would one day tell “The Man” to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Thank God it happened, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Here we are. 2016. Country music is at the height of popularity all while going through what we can only describe as an identity crisis. The pop and “rap” heavy genre is driven by men and boys all singing about the same thing. Chris Stapleton and Eric Church are doing their best to bring some sort of authenticity to it, but the girls struggle to find their place ; putting out power ballads and girl-power anthems, but never getting their due credit. Thanks goodness The Dixie Chicks returned to remind everyone what country music is and providing some much-needed inspiration for today’s females saying ‘Be proud! Be yourself! You’re every bit as good (even better) than those tight-jeaned boys!  Steel guitars and banjos are cool! Fiddles are cool! Being Country is Cool!’

The show was a spectacle of talent both instrumental and harmonious. Time has taken no toll on the trio or their fans’ memory. The audience sang loud to hits such as “Some Days You Gotta Dance,” “Good Bye Earl,” “White Trash Wedding,” and “Long Time Gone” before swaying steadily to the nostalgic “Truth No 2,” “Traveling Soldier,” and “Landslide” before giving us all goosebumps with a tribute to Prince with “Nothing Compares to You.”

The true display of talent came with the acoustic set at the front of the stage where the girls really dazzled with “”Cowboy, Take Me Away,” “Sin Wagon” and “Wide Open Spaces.’ The true gem was the cover of Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons,” because it kicked the original’s ass.

Besides some digital imagery mocking ALL of our political candidates (because let’s face it…this election has been a joke and worthy of all the mocking anyone can throw at it) the chicks kept politics out. But frankly, we could care less because for us, The Dixie Chicks talent stands alone.

We can’t think of a single all female group, except maybe The Judds, who’ve displayed such talent. They instrumentally, lyrically and harmonically stand alone. We won’t hold our breath for new music ( we sure would love some), but we feel blessed to have finally seen the group who inspired so many girls that they can rock better than any boy. The Dixie Chicks were the soundtrack to our youth, and we thank them for reminding us that Chicks Rule!

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