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Willie Nelson Celebrates the Launch of “Willie’s Reserve” Cannabis

willie's reserve

Willie Nelson is thrilled to announce the launch of Willie’s Reserve, a premium cannabis brand, which is anticipated to be available in select Washington and Colorado stores in July and August, respectively. To celebrate, Willie Nelson and Family will perform in concert on Saturday, July 23rd, at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington and Saturday, July 30th, at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood, Colorado. For more information, visit

“I always knew that marijuana would be legalized,” Nelson says. “I just never thought it would be in my lifetime.”

For decades, Nelson has served as the face of responsible marijuana use in the United States, while speaking out in favor of legalization for medical and recreational purposes. The nation’s most renowned aficionado has awaited the opportunity to share the pleasures of fine-quality cannabis with his legions of fellow fans, and now, with top-grade, meticulously grown and beautifully packaged Willie’s Reserve, he can. Willie’s Reserve signature Ready Rolls and high quality flower will be available at select purveyors in Colorado, Washington and future legal states for connoisseurs who appreciate the best.

Nelson has consulted with horticulturalists and cannabis farmers to assure any product labeled Willie’s Reserve will maintain a standard worthy of his name. Consumers will be able to indulge with confidence, savoring each puff while knowing they’re partaking in an age-old ritual that has bonded marijuana-lovers together since the first dried leaves were touched with flame.

“I’ve smoked enough and I want to give back,” Nelson continues. “Now that legalization is spreading across the country, there’s a great opportunity to build a company that can help a lot of people. I hope it gives social justice to those who are incarcerated for doing what we’re now doing legally. I am also committed to have our crops farmed in an environmentally responsible way; to revitalize small farms and to grow it as clean as possible. So far, I’ve really enjoyed meeting with the best growers.”

Nelson’s steadfast legalization efforts have been altruistic as well as personal; he regards it as his duty to help Americans – including legislators – understand the benefits of marijuana use. And he expects Willie’s Reserve will become as much a part of his legacy as his music; he is, after all, the man who titled both a song and a book Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

The benefits of legal cannabis include economic boosts for communities able to apply revenue from sales taxes to needed projects, including educational and social programs. Legalization also allows for more effective uses for funds previously spent on enforcing laws against private marijuana use. As a co-founder of Farm Aid, Nelson has famously advocated for family farms and environmentally sound growing methods. With Willie’s Reserve, he offers consumers the confidence of knowing they’re purchasing a product created by farmers who share his commitment.

Willie’s Reserve will continue to support Nelson’s goals and celebrate his legacy by constantly seeking innovative ways to develop and curate the brand, while seeking an end to marijuana prohibition in America.

For more information on Willie’s Reserve, go to

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