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The Struggle to Have a Family Inspired David Nail’s ‘Fighter’


David Nail and his wife Catherine are slowly but surly adjusting to being new parents to twins. The entire dynamic of their household has changed, and it’s effected every part of David’s live. . . including his music. The couple recently sat down with the Tennessean’s Cindy Watts to discuss what becoming parents has meant to them, and their struggle with infertility.

I didn’t want to go into a doctor’s office and find out if we were pregnant,” David’s wife Catherine said. “The whole process of IVF takes the organic feeling out of everything. I wanted something to feel like a surprise. I remember it was the longest two minutes of my life while I waited on that test. And at that point, pregnancy tests and I had a really bad relationship. I’ve been known to throw them across the room and call them liars.”

“I was embarrassed for the longest time,” David Nail said. “A lot of what we dealt with had to do with me. And as a man, you definitely don’t want to hear that. It’s your job to provide and be a husband and a father, and she had dreams of being a mother.”

Finally, all their struggles paid off. The couple was blessed with a boy and a girl. . . twins. Perfection.

I didn’t know if they had arms and legs, and I sure as hell didn’t know if they had 10 fingers and 10 toes,” said Nail, seated in the living room with his wife in their Nashville home. “I stopped in that moment and counted to make sure. It was such a powerful experience that you just couldn’t imagine.”

“That moment changed me,” Catherine, tearing up, said of hearing Lawson cry for the first time. “I want to hear that cry forever. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. They showed him to me over the curtain. I wanted to pull that curtain down and hold him. It was like a dream. And then she came out guns a blazing, too.”

The entire experience changed David’s near completed record, Fighter, out in stores this Friday.

Suddenly you listen to this collection and what you thought was a certain type of record that said a certain thing suddenly did a 180,” Nail said. “It was extremely personal.”

The eleven song album includes “Babies,” “Ease Your Pain,” “Lie with Me” and “Old Man’s Symphony” which were all late post-baby editions to the record.

The best way I can explain the record is that it’s a lot of subject matter I’ve previously sung about but I hadn’t got it fully off my chest,” Nail said. “I feel (creatively) free, and I’m already curious to see what I’m going to do next.”

I think when you’re in the thick of it and you’re getting setback after setback after setback, it’s really hard to find any positive,” Nail said. “But looking back, there was positive all over the place. I used to tell her the good Lord will bless us to be parents when we’re ready to be parents, and there was a good chunk of that time I wasn’t ready to be a parent. I think he wanted to make sure that we got on top of that.”

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