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Brett Eldredge Premieres ‘Drunk on Your Love’ Video

Brett Eldredge

After restraining himself in a straitjacket for his previous video, Brett Eldredge was looking for a little more freedom when it came time to shoot the clip for his next single.

“I had that crazy idea for ‘Lose My Mind,’ not realizing I painted myself into the corner of having to actually wear the straitjacket for the whole shoot,” the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “I wanted to do something different for ‘Drunk on Your Love’ – it’s a lighthearted, fun, feel good song and I wanted the video to reflect that.”

Directed by Joel Robertson and shot in Charleston, South Carolina, the clip takes its inspiration from the 1996 film Multiplicity, in which Michael Keaton’s character is cloned until the duplication’s eventually overwhelm him.

“We came up with the idea of multiple versions of me competing against myself for the attention of this beautiful, sweet, girl,” Eldredge, 29, explains. Playing a florist, a cop, a chef, a musician and a taxi driver, the shoot required “a lot of different locations and wardrobe changes.” So which setup was his favorite? The one that featured a cameo from his older brother, Brice.

“I loved being the cop and arresting my brother. They told Brice, ‘Act like you’re resisting’ so I got to rough him up a little bit too and give him some jabs back,” he jokes. “I had to cuff him – I tried to act like I was legitimately arresting somebody, but I could not figure out the handcuffs to save my life. We were all laughing – that was my favorite, being Officer Brett for a minute.”

While staging scenes for the video the day prior to the shoot, Eldredge took his florist persona to heart.

“I started walking down the street in Charleston and thought, ‘I’m going to see how many people will take a flower if I pass them out.’ We had a camera crew with us and they caught up and followed me. I would say 95 percent of people loved getting a flower, whether they knew me or not,” he tells PEOPLE. “It was just crazy to see the reactions on people’s faces – a little thing to make their day better or make them smile. I’m trying to figure out ways to spread the love a bit more this year.”

Not everyone was impressed, though. “One girl was on her cellphone and didn’t have time to take a flower. Maybe one day I’ll find her again,” jokes Eldredge.

When he’s not busying himself with bouquets, the musician is preparing to hit the road again in support of his sophomore album, Illinois. A European leg this spring will be followed by another summer tour with Keith Urban, and Eldredge is looking forward to both.

“I’ve never been to Europe – it’s all brand-new to me. I always hoped one day I would have the chance to see the world as part of my music. When I was growing up in Paris, Illinois, I never thought people would be buying tickets to my show in Dublin or I’d be playing in London,” he says. “And then Keith asking me to tour with him again … he really took me under his wing and believed in me. It’s thanks to people like Keith who helped me get here. If you told me 10 years ago that I’d be playing with this guy and able to call him an actual friend, I wouldn’t have believed it. He’s so down-to-earth you forget that he’s this icon. I’m so grateful.”

In addition to its premiere, “Drunk on Your Love” will make its television debut Friday (1/15) morning on CMT.

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