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Joey Feek Ready to Go HOME

Joey+Rory – “When I’m Gone” from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

It seems that Joey Feek is ready. Ready to let go. Ready to say good bye. Read to stand at the Pearly Gates and meet her Maker, and Rory is at peace with his bride leaving this world. He knows she waited so she could delicately prepare his heart to let go.

And now, here I sit beside my dying wife.

I don’t say those words lightly. As a matter-of-fact, I haven’t said them at all. But my beautiful bride has said them to me in these couple of days. Her pain and discomfort has continued to increase daily and so has the morphine to help her be comfortable. The dosage she’s needed to keep the pain away has quadrupled in the last four days.

I’d like to tell you that she’s doing great and is going to beat this thing. But I can’t.

Yesterday with tears in her eyes and mine, Joey held my hand and told me that she has been having serious talks with Jesus. She said she told him that if He’s ready to take her… she’s ready to come home.

All of this after reflecting on the couple’s song “When I’m Gone.”

Our ‘make-believe’ song and video seems to be coming true.

Some call it ‘life imitating art’. I don’t.

I call it God.

He knew I would need her to tell me goodbye… not just once, but a thousand times. And I’d need to know that no matter how much time passes, that she loves me still. And He made it so that if I needed to be reminded of her beautiful life and heart and voice… she would only be a ‘click’ away.

Am I angry at the irony of the song? No. How could I be?

How many men who are losing the woman they love get a gift like that? None that I know of.

Joey and I have asked to have “When I’m Gone” added to our new “Hymns That Are Important To Us” album that’s coming out in a couple of weeks in Cracker Barrel and most other places all around the country. It’s not a classic hymn, but to us it is.

It is a very special song, filled with hope and love. And in time, I believe it will have the power to help heal a million broken hearts…

Even mine.

I’m still praying for a miracle for Joey + Rory, but it’s becoming clear that God has other plans. Maybe THIS is the miracle. Maybe he is using Joey and Rory as a way to make all of us turn towards Him. Maybe these people are a shining example of how to live and die as a child of God. God bless you both!

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One Response to “Joey Feek Ready to Go HOME”

  1. Heather says:

    I am sobbing as I read this article. The love and faith in God is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. We are still praying for them and their beautiful child–and miracles do happen. We can all learn a lot about love, faith and strength from these two wonderful people. We have learned a lot about faith, morals and forgiveness from Carrie Underwood, whom we adore and respect. Carrie has given us an example of living a faith based life even though we are young and living in a messed up world. We need more people like Joey, Rory, Carrie and Mike Fisher.

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