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Austin Webb: Our Favorite Country Tweeter of the Moment!

austin webb

  1. @austinlwebb Some of my favorite highlights from 2015 #HighlightsOf2015 #nye #RockinEve
  1. @austinlwebb If you’re bumper sticker summarizes your political views…. you’re doing it wrong

austin webb tweet

  1. @austinlwebb Got gas, it stopped at 20:56. Thought: “how long it is until 2056?” Lazy, asked Siri. turns out I’m a time traveller!
  1. @austinlwebb Hey @JoelOsteen we really appreciate all the inspiration but what we really wanna know is where we can get your teeth whitening kit?
  1. @austinlwebb @austinlwebb When I was kid , no one followed & picked up their dog’s poop. #thetimestheyareachanging
  1. @austinlwebb Spending my Sunday night watching Gilmore Girls & drinking whiskey #fiancemakesmewatchit #maybeireallylikeit #okitsmyidea
  1. @austinlwebb So many girls on Insta caption photos w/ a long pseudo inspirational paragraph, when they really mean: “boobs, butt”
  1. @austinlwebb Do you ever think about Laps? They only exist when you sit down. Stand up, Boom! No lap
  1. @austinlwebb Missing : Bread Bag twist ties. last seen – the kitchen every time I’ve made a sandwich since I was born
  1. @austinlwebb Sunday morning at @Starbucks, I wonder how many white girl frappacinos I’ll have to wait on before I get my coffee #extracaramel
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